What you don't see

November 9, 2018


I see things you don’t,
I see passion raging within,
A fire so great it burns everything in its path.
A human so kind her heart bleeds.
But that’s not what they see.
They see an unworthy little girl.
So cold she could freeze an inferno.
So average, she could make a flower droop.
But you look deeper and you see the ferocity.
The dangerous aura engulfing her,
Her eyes glinting like a million diamonds,
A gaze so sharp it could cut you in half,
A smile so fake, it’s genuine.   
A touch so familiar, yet so daunting.
A voice so sweet, it’s threatening.
And just like that, the power of the world was within hands reach.
How you ask?
Because she believed.
She believed in herself, like no one ever could.
Loved, nurtured herself, like no one ever did.
So she grew, like no one ever could.
Found happiness, like no one ever will. 


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