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Elissa Krause

United States

One Moment

February 13, 2015

    Beep! Beep! Beep! My harsh alarm clock woke me up with the same shocking blast every morning. It was like waking up to a bucket of ice water dumped over my head. I had created quite the same effect by placing my clock across the room on the bookcase. If I desired peaceful silence, which I very much did at five thirty in the morning; then I had to spring from the warmth of my bed, stumble blindly across the room, and pull the cord to my clock (I couldn't find the right button in the dark). 
    Dazed by the abrupt shift from warmth to cold, sleep to wakefulness, I flipped the overhead light on. My head throbbed from lack of sleep. For that I could only blame myself and the New Year's Eve party last night. Parties like that were murderous if I had school the next morning. They were so sinfully good, though, that I couldn't resist. 
    I quickly hopped in the shower. The spray of furiously hot water relieved the chill but it was over too soon. My ten minute timer rang, another annoying sound that begged to be put out of its misery. I wrapped myself in a heated towel that would only stay warm a minute, and stepped out of the shower. I hit the timer and indignantly turned my back on it. I proceeded to the mirror above the sink and smeared away the steam with my hand. 
    Last night's mascara was streaming down my face. It looked like I had cried black, shimmery tears from dull blue eyes. Hard to believe that last night he'd stared straight into those eyes. 
    By he I mean the handsome college student at the party last night. It was strictly a high school party with all of my friends but the hostess had a gorgeous older brother who lived upstairs during winter break. He'd wandered downstairs moments away from midnight to steal a handful of chips from the chip bowl. It was a magic moment. I reached for the bowl...
    And my hand hit another. He'd snuck up so gracefully I hadn't realized his presence. Our first words were excuse me in unison. Then he asked if these were my favorite chips. I hated them; however, I said yes. He munched on a few, looked at me, and said, "I hate them." 
"Opposites attract." It came out without me thinking. It struck me, seconds too late of course, how cheesy it sounded. It was almost as bad as the chips. Fortunately someone shouted, "Midnight!" The whole room joined in with, "Happy New Year!" I was momentarily distracted. When the initial roar had died down my focus returned to the beautiful college student beside me. 
"There was something different about this year." He winked and turned to go back upstairs. I watched him take the steps two at a time and disappear down the upstairs hallway. I hadn't been sure if he'd been talking about the present year or the past year. 
    It hardly mattered, I thought as I wiped the shower ruined makeup from my face. I'd been in both of them.  

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