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Hi, my name is Nai. I'm a young writer who loves trying all types of art, especially sewing and painting. I love music and learning weird facts about the world.

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The Sedition of the Sword (Excerpt)

November 20, 2018

I watched from afar as the vultures came, one by one to pick at her. Watched as they tore off bits of her skin and flesh, leaving only her bones behind. I couldn’t turn away from it, from her, couldn’t stop staring. It hadn’t hit me in the last days of the funeral rites how real all of this was, how permanent. She was gone. My sister, my best friend was taken from me and placed on a cliff to be devoured.
            It didn’t matter that this was part of the rites. It didn’t matter that the cycle of life was complete. It shouldn’t have been her, not someone so young and so strong. And yet, there she lay, her body slowly disappearing into the stomachs of those birds.
            I wanted to scream.
            I wanted to shew the vultures away and scream at the high priest to let the sacred flame devour Anahid instead of those wretched birds. I hated watching them circle and land, hear their caws of triumph at the sight of a new meal. I hated seeing them fight each other over which parts of her they wanted to eat. But mostly, I hated that she had left me.
            She was – had been – queen for only three of her twenty-four years. She had been raised to be a diplomat, be a future queen, since she was four. And she was gone. Now I was left, a commander of armies, to rule as queen.
            The clouds were dark, ready to pour down the slopes of the mountains, ready to weep like I wanted to, but no tears came. A silence filled my head as I watched in revulsion as I saw red stain the beaks of the vultures.
            I turned away.
            I couldn’t swallow, couldn’t breathe, my throat had synched so tight. Tears were stinging my eyes and this deep ache settled in my stomach. I wanted to vomit, to rip the world apart, to scream until I had no breath left in me. My hands found my hair, my fingers twisting and pulling, yanking from the roots. The pain felt good, felt like I was in control of something. I tried swallowing again; took a breath. Another. My hands came to my sides, trembling. I tensed my jaw, fighting that urge to cry all the more.
            The mountains looming beyond the plateau were a reminder to all Anahid had been. She’d always compared us to those two mountains. The larger one, she explained, was her, for she was the older sister who watched over me and the empire. I remember her braids bouncing about as she turned to me and said, “And the smaller one, Seren…that’s you. You see how, though it’s smaller, it’s more jagged, more fierce? You’re like that. You’re there for me all the time. I’ll always watch over you, and you’ll always be there to protect me, too.”
            Oh, how wrong she was. She had watched over this entire empire, watched over me. She had succeeded in the role that was given to her. And yet, I, the protector, the one that’d always be there for her, had failed her in the end. Why wasn’t I more aware? Why hadn’t I detected the assassin the moment we walked into the hall? Why wasn’t I able to save her?
            Why did she have to die?
            One minute, we had been talking, had been laughing. I turned away to head to the war room, and she had continued on to her private rooms. One minute, we were fine. The next, I heard her choking on her own blood. I had sprinted into the hallway to find Anahid last breath sputtering through her lips. No one was there for a moment as I held her and screamed for help, as I denied the fact that she could be dead despite having looked Death in the eye over and over myself. I had cradled her to me, rocking her lifeless form, my hand covering the slice in her throat trying to hold the unending blood, trying to push it back into her body. I shoved off the hands touching me, raged at them when they tried to pull me away from her to see what had happened. I felt like my head was underwater, for every sense was muffled. I faintly heard a sob, but I couldn’t tell if it came from me or my mother.
            There wasn’t time left to think about that day. Three days had passed since her…leaving me. Three days in which her body was prepared, the prayers were chanted, and her duties began slowly passing to me. I wasn’t fully allowed to take responsibility for another week until I was officially coronated as Malekeh of the Empire. Regardless, duties still needed to be completed, diplomatic lessons learned. No one was prepared to make a commander queen on such short notice, but the empire needed a leader, and I was the only legal heir left.


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  • Gabriel Goodwin

    This is really good! Got me invested on the character quick~

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Great job! I loved reading this :D

    over 1 year ago
  • Ryder

    This is beautifully written. I would love to hear the rest of it!
    Keep writing, and God bless! :}

    over 1 year ago