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Isla-Grace Davies

United Kingdom

My bones are laden with strings of words and my soul is heavy with the stories I need to tell.

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I try to write a short piece of poetry every day; for me, it's a form of diary writing, and comments, likes and reviews are a lovely added bonus! :)


November 8, 2018



shredded paper and a stain on the rug
a slice of bread for breakfast 
four-day-old tea in a cracked white mug
this is what today is made of

a yellow light bulb left on for twelve hours
slice of bread for my lunch
a pile of trash and a vase of grey flowers
christmas cards in april

a toppling tower of absents and lates
a slice of bead for supper
undiscovered cutlery and yellowing plates
that's what today is made out of



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1 Comment
  • jengelman

    i really like this imagery

    nice job

    3 months ago