My name is Talise and I write to express myself. I believe that everyone should have a voice even someone like me who is just 13. Please do not judge me by my age as that would be highly primitive and extremely rude:)

Message to Readers

I thought I would dedicate a piece to SomeFormOfWrting, acknowledging their defiance, strength, courage and power to inspire others. I hope you all enjoy.

The last goodbye of few

November 8, 2018


Goodbye SomeFormOfWriting  you will be missed dearly and never forgotten xxx TJNR@cheshire

Joy filled my body with warmth and happiness, a tear spilt from my eye trickling down my cheek. I knew this was going to be the last goodbye of few. Alas, they were off for a life of adventure, filled with better things, foraging there way through it, for I couldn't do it for them. But I couldn't shake that small guilty feeling inside me beckoning them to stay. So with a feirce smile on my face, we hugged and I waved my last goodbye of many.
We are all going to miss you so much SomeFormOfWriting, all the best- Talise


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  • Kahasai

    Indeed we are going to miss them.

    over 1 year ago