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Where My Heart Belongs

November 8, 2018


    Dennehotso Boarding School, the only school in my hometown that is 5 hours and over 300 miles away.  The one place where I feel the most at home. Well the old school that is. The new school doesn’t bring me much comfort because I only spent two years in there and while I do like it here, I just feel more at home away from here. I basically grew up in the old school. A lot happened that I remember, some sad, some happy but most of all they were all overwhelming and gave me a sense of purpose.       The way the cool hallways were silent no matter how noisy it was inside a classroom. The soft carpeted floor that brought me a sense of euphoria that was unexplainable. Even though I had the school to feel comfortable in, I also loved to be in the gym, it was new and a lot bigger than what it used to look like, and I especially loved it when we had a game of some sorts. The place where I felt nervous, excited, and was filled with so much adrenaline that I could no longer hear the noise in the gym. The only thing I would be able to hear would be the fast rhythm of my heart beat, increasing the faster I ran or the harder I would spike a volleyball over the net.
    The thundering voices would finally come back to me, the cheering and screaming erupting from the crowd that had formed on the bleachers, it sounded crazy and instead of making me lose focus, the noise had motivated me to keep going. The squeaking of shoes that I would become aware of as we all come to a stop. The sound of heavy breathing from running too hard fills my ears. The sound of the basketball being thrown from hand to hand, or dribbled so many times against the hard floor, finally hitting the backboard or making a clean swift shot, the only sound coming from the friction the ball made with the net.     The smell of sweat and small snacks from the concession, overwhelming my senses and giving me a euphoric high that motivates me even more and gives me a sense of nervousness. The clean smell from before the game had started is now long gone, being masked by the tension and excitement so thick you can cut it with a knife. The bright lights hovering above us, making every single one of our actions known. The lights on the scoreboard change with the number of goals we make and the timer ticking slowly as the crowd gets more intense and our breaths become heavier. Until the loud sound of the buzzer makes me lose all feeling, as the intense pounding of my heart calms down and the taste of the cold sugary gatorade on my tongue filling the need for sweet relief from the dry aching feeling in my chest. We shake hands with our opponents, all hands are clammy, and the different grips giving me clarification of how they feel about the scores. Some grips strong with pride, some loose with disappointment and our full of happiness, making me smile at the intensity of the game we had finished.  Making me look around and realize that in those intense moments, my home is wherever the gym is.


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