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13 years old.
In love with books.
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Ranger's Apprentice. 1
Dawn of Wonder. 2
Wings of Fire. 3
Warriors. 4
Percy Jackson. 5




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I am new. This may mean that I have just joined this site—which is when I am writing this— or that I have been on for a few years. Either way, this statement is always going to be true.
Every time I look up at the night sky, or feel the ocean water, I realize how short we have left, how long all else has existed; but then I notice that "short" or long are irrelevant. I am the the stars, which are my eyes, and the ocean, which is my voice. The earth is but my bones, and the sun is my energy.
We all are; the stars, the ocean, the earth, the sun.
Eventually, after that infinitesimally short period of time, we don't end, nor begin. We just continue, into a new experience. We are all connected. Everything, and everyone, are all the same.

#paperbirdcontest Needle Forest

November 8, 2018


Pricking, poking, dark green pines.
Stretch up to the bright blue sky.
Birdsong rings throughout the world.
Scuffling through the roots of wood.

The needle's stretch around me. I am surrounded in falling, darting, spirits. I hear their singing; melancholy, but with a touch of magic and intrigue. They realize that winter is coming, where they will be buried by the sorrows of the sky, the frozen tears of life.
    Soon the ground will not be visible, but the leaves of the spindly trunks will continue to snow down around my walking form. I exhale, and see my breath stark white against the rest of the world. In this moment, standing in the pines, I lay down and gaze to the haven of peace. I stare into the air that scars the world in it's shroud. The world is quiet here.
I know this is a bit poem-ish, but I hope you like it!


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  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    thank you!

    6 days ago
  • Paperbird

    Thank you so much for entering my contest!
    This is a truly beautiful entry. Your descriptions are vivid and the language is beautiful and flowing. I particularly like, "sorrows of the sky, the frozen tears of life" and "the leaves of the spindly trunks will continue to snow down around my walking form." You have a few minor comma errors, but apart from that this piece is masterfull and impressive. I really enjoyed it.

    6 days ago