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Once the World was Beautiful

December 5, 2018

Once the world was beautiful, like a shining, sparkling glass. It wasn't the dirt ground in the country or the cities with skyscrapers made of windows, the world was beautiful because of the people. The people made the world beautiful with the loving thoughts and the effort to help others. People made the world beautiful by serving God. 
   My grandfather told me a story, it was when he was younger and how people would treat a person. He said that a guy had no house, no food, he was living on the street, he'd work for some people to get food, he was homeless. The people that would give him work would take him in for a night or two, feed him, let him sleep there, and he'd help around their house. My grandfather said that he could go all over town working for people and the people didn't mind and he didn't mind. Everybody was nice and kind to him, it was amazing how you could trust people back then. When the world was beautiful you could leave your doors unlocked when you left for a little bit, you could trust some strangers, and people would actually help others. That was when the world was beautiful. Might I add that neighbor knew neighbor, there was no distance between a lot of people, bonfires were common, and now people don't know the person across the street. People won't know if a person beside them is in need of a friend, or just needs help with groceries, or walking their animal, because the world is not beautiful anymore. The world was beautiful once and it needs to be beautiful again. 


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  • December 5, 2018 - 10:42am (Now Viewing)

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  • Poohbear

    .Viv Thank you so much for your comment. Also it would so amazing if you would use this in another peice. So sorry for the wait to respond.

    11 months ago
  • .Viv

    This is so pretty! Do you mind if I use it as inspiration for another piece?

    about 1 year ago
  • Victoria Penning

    This.... Is perfection!!! I agree with every single word that you said up there!!!! I wish our world was still like that.... :/ but very well done, my dear! ;D

    about 1 year ago