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Hiding the Truth

November 15, 2018

I look down at my shaking hands, wondering what to do now. Thinking back a couple of hours ago I had no idea what I had thought, how this could have been the better option. Now I sat alone in a small boat, drifting out to sea, filled with regret at what I had done. I guess that Youle's prediction was right, that I would go against what everyone had thought. But no matter how much I hurt everyone I was saving him, rescuing him from my fate. An image flashed through my head, one of a young boy dancing across a field of grass, slowly moving towards a cottage at the end of it. A wide smile spread across his face. Turner. Yes, I was saving him.

No, your not a voice in my mind whispered. Images shot through my head of the young boy falling on the ground, an arrow through his heart. A tear rolled down my cheek. Yes, I was saving him. Revenging him. I looked up from the bottom of the boat where I sat, seeing the dark storm above me. It was just as Youle had described. Now, all that I had to do was wait. Thinking hard I forced the bad thoughts out of my head.

I pictured Youle instead, sitting down at a table. Her young face looking troubled as I asked her what was wrong. She just shook her head, a tear rolling down her face. Slowly she reached her hand up and touched my forehead, and I was able to see what she was experiencing. I gasped, pulling away.

The images that she had put in my head were the same as I was having now, and I knew soon I would reach an island, where her vision ended. After that, I would venture into the unknown
"That won't happen," I told her, a tear running down my face caused by what she had shown me. "I will run away with him and keep him safe."

"You know just as much as I that it won't work," Youle told me. "But this is up to you, my dear. This is the other possibility," She then showed me the young boy being carried in chains over a pit of lava, burning and bubbling. Then he was tossed in and I saw as he was screaming for the help that would never come.

I shook the memory out of my head. That had never happened. Turner wasn't dead. He was alive, living. The voice in my head fought back. No, he's not. I ignored it once again. Yes, he was. By doing this I was saving him, rescuing him from me. That image in my head, it was just one of Youle's visions, not what had happened. What I was doing now was saving him from myself, my evil. You are lying to yourself. He is gone. Turner is gone.

I tried to push away those thoughts again, but they continued to linger and I soon found myself weeping into my hands. Be strong, Karina it whispered. This time I listened, wiping away my tears. Yes, I must be strong. I didn't know what would happen when I reached the island but I would have to be strong and listen to my gut. That's right, you must listen to me the voice told me. But first, you must admit it. Turner is dead.

"ARGGGG!" I screamed to the sky, still dark and cloudy. I stood up and cried out, "WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHY?"
Suddenly I fell back against the boat, gasping. It made me rock and almost fall out into the water but I managed to stay in. I felt much better now, all of the things that had been boiling up inside of me finally spilling out. Then I stood up again and continued shouting, pushing all my furry out. Finally, I curled up at the bottom of the boat, tired, restless, and not knowing what to do. Minutes later I drifted off to sleep.

Nightmares soon reached out to me. I found myself standing inside of a cottage, one I recognized as my own. I felt anger, lots of it, coursing through my veins. Of all that was happening, of all the things that were against me in life. The next day I knew that I would be exiled, gone forever and that my nephew would be sent off to the pit of fire to pay for my deeds.
No, this couldn't happen. I ran over to the wall and grabbed my bow and some arrows, knowing that I wasn't going to let him suffer for what I had done. There was no escaping from this, no way to save him from the pit of fire or from what I was about to do.

The next thing I knew I was outside of the cottage, looking at the boy who was dancing in the field, coming home for lunch. I put the arrow into its place, knowing as soon as I did so that it would hit home on his chest. Then I pulled back and fired, watching the worry that came across his face as he saw it hurtling at him, and then the pain as it shot him backward.
I ran towards him, crying. Picking him up and begging for him to wake up and come home but my voice returned. He's gone, Karina. This is not one of Youle's visions, this is the truth. Embrace it. I fell down on my knees and cried until the soldiers found me a little while later, forcing me to admit my crimes.

"He's gone, he's gone," was all I could manage to say. They just picked me up and carried me away, taking me to the dock and throwing me in the crate boat.

I woke from the violent dream crying. But it wasn't a dream. He was gone. Turner was gone.


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  • korra4life

    Wow... je ne sais pas what to say. This was incredible! I felt all of the raw emotions that Karina felt. I would love to know more of this story.
    I also love how this is a metaphor for life. People are constantly trying to hide the truth from themselves.
    I feel like you should read 'We Were Liars,' mainly because the main character lies to herself the entire book. The truth comes out only at the end, and the entire story is filled with emotions. But... it was a pretty irritating love story. I have no idea what books you're interested in. That's the first one that comes to mind when I read your story. Great job!

    almost 3 years ago