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july third, 2017

November 8, 2018


    i. sunflowers grow in fields beyond the city center, sun-kissed and waiting for van gogh. a sea-breeze reaches them and they ripple with the clouds.
    ii. a coliseum in the city center, crumbling under the weight of a thousand years. maybe you can still hear immortal whispers beneath stone, or maybe your own ghosts have come here on their own.
    iii. a girl made of sunshine is sitting at the night cafe with you, and vincent's brushes and paints are scattered on the table beside you. you take blurry pictures of her in the streetlights.
    iv. leave half of your soul in the abandoned archway by the market. leave it with the orange cat lying in the shade of the mango tree, and the crumbling walls of roman stone behind you.


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