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“Who was the guy who first looked at a cow and said 'I think I’ll drink whatever comes out of these when I squeeze ’em?”
― Bill Watterson
"Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?... He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!"
— Billy Connolly
“The only mystery in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets.”
– Al McGuire
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The Cell

November 18, 2018


“I do not speak as I think, I do not think as I should, and so it all goes on in helpless darkness.” 
― Franz Kafka

I wake up and fall asleep to screaming. I never know what time it is, I started to judge time through the light I see from my tinted window. I don’t really remember how it is outside these walls I’m confined to. I think it might be green with a blue sky and lots and lots of clouds. Sometime I hear children outside, I hear them whispering about me. They made a routine for me. It revolves around breakfast, torture, lunch, torture, dinner and (surprise!) torture.
There is a lady who handles most of my torture I don’t know her name, I call her many names (none of which I’m going to mention in this story) she is going to be referred to as The Lady.
Day 1

Still in The Cell. Still being tortured. Still alive.
Today was the same as the last which was same as the one before and so on…
Breakfast was same as usual stale bread, a rotten apple and what looks like something you would scrape of a high school bench (yum!). Then they came in and began to run their tests. It was mostly implemented by The Lady. It seems to be getting more and more agonizing each day. Then they leave me alone for a few hours. In which I close my eyes and listen to the screaming ( what else can I do? ) . Then it’s time to eat, this time I really don’t know what I’m looking at. Then I’m ‘visited’ by this girl who looks around my age, she calls herself Rosa. Every time she comes she brings her dog Lupita, who like her owner is ferocious.

If you were wondering The Cell looks like someone cut a piece of the sewer plant and put a bed, a latrine (minus the seat as I tried to hit Rosa with it after she attacked me) and a pile of clothes on the floor( which get changed every week) inside it. It’s like the Buckingham Palace but more luxurious.

Then it’s time for dinner which looks unnervingly like the dead rat that I fond in my room a few days ago. Then after dinner they come in an inject me with high doses of temazepam.

End of Day 1

Day 2

Everything went as usual until Rosa came. She was saying something to me, trying to shatter my self esteem probably. Then all of a sudden Lupita pounced at me. She was brandishing her serrated teeth. Her teeth grazed past my hand leaving a visible scar. I couldn’t help it. I kicked her. There was a thud. She landed hard against the wall. I walked over to her and proceeded kicking her until Rosa pushed me away. Her head was twisted in an odd angle. Her limbs seemed to be bent into puzzling new shapes. Rosa looked petrified. She looked at me for a solid moment. Then made a rather obscene gesture and hefted a mashed up Lupita and left.

I didn’t get dinner that day (it was probably for my own good).

End of Day 2

Day 3

Today the screaming was louder. It was like my head was turned inside out. It felt like my brain was dripping out of my ear. I tried screaming louder to fade out the noise. After a few minutes it felt like my throat was ripping open. They came running in. Leading to me entering a drug induced sleep.

End of Day 3

Day 4

I woke up feeling like I would die of starvation ( spoiler : I didn’t ). I found a plate of food kept near the door. It looked like it has been there for quite some time ( smelt like it too), but to me it tasted like ambrosia.
No one came that day. Not even The Lady.
End of Day 4

Day 5

I want to run away. More than ever ( there have been attempts in the past but, as you might have guessed they have failed ).

After the tests. I spent most of my time gazing around my room trying to spot some kind of escape revelation. When I was about to capitulate, I noticed something dimly glistening from under my bed. It was a metal beam that was part of the structure of the bed.
I spent most of my day trying to claw it out. Whenever I thought I heard someone I would swiftly roll out from under the bed and preoccupy myself with something else. By the time I finished it was dark out and all of my fingers were bleeding.
I crawled on top of my bed and promptly feel asleep.

End of Day 5

Day 6

I woke up looking directly at The Lady. She walked a few steps closer to me but stayed out of arms reach. She spoke in a calm and composed manner which only seemed to make her more frightening.
“Today we will be running the tests slightly early.”
“I didn’t have breakfast yet.”
“You didn’t need any medication yesterday, you fell asleep by yourself. Why?”
“Oh.. you know how exhausting it gets sitting here doing nothing”
Her eyes lingered towards my bed. “Why is there blood on your mattress?”
“I’m suicidal, remember?”
“Where did it come from ?”
I show her a somewhat inappropriate finger (thank you, Rosa) which was crusted over with blood. After a moment of intense, staring she stalks out of the room. Only to return with them. After what seemed like hours of scrutiny they left. Then returned to provide lunch. I waited for a few moments after they left before I advanced with my plan.
First I moved my bed under the window . Then I took my metal beam from under the bed and started hacking at the windows. It was almost time for dinner before it fragmented. I was immediately hit by the cool air. I was stuck in place feeling a mixture of emotions. I peeked out and realized I’m on the second floor of some mammoth building. I managed to tie all my attires and my tattered sheets. It still didn’t reach to the bottom but I could make the jump.
I tossed the makeshift rope out the window and clambered down. When I reached the bottom I let go and landed in a quite disgraceful manner. Everything around me was to  much to take in. The lawn, the darkening sky, the clouds and even the neighbor next door gawking at me in his bathrobe.
So, I closed my eyes and ran. I ran like I was being chased by Lupita ( it was all the motivation I needed ). I heard someone shouting behind me which only made me run faster. I ran until I saw a timberland, where I slowed my pace. After mindlessly trotting around for what felt like days ( it was probably only a few minutes ), I reached a precipice. I looked down and I knew for sure it would be my imminent demise.
I looked around first at the magnificent world around me, then I looked at the advancing lights of my pursuers.
I jumped.

End of My Life

                                                                BREAKING NEWS!
Ryan Santiago, a fifteen years old boy suffering from Schizophrenia committed suicide on the Raven Cliffs, Georgia. He had been living in a peculiarly constructed room he called The Cell for seven years. His mother Ruby Santiago and a few qualified psychotherapists ran tests on him on a day-to-day basis. He was visited by his sister Rosa Santiago everyday. Four days prior to his passing he sadistically murdered his Golden Retriever, Lupita. Ruby and Rosa are left in a state of agony and grief.
“Don’t expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if they have never had to walk your path.”


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  • Quille

    Chapter 10 is finally up :D

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Put up a Q&A for my book if you cared to do it :) Working on Chapter 7 :D
    Thank you so much! :)

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Had to come back and read it again (It is definitely that good :)
    BTW, there's more up on Elfboy.

    about 1 year ago
  • palindrome

    Deep...that was intense. But the ending!!!!!!

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Wow! This was an awe-inspiring piece. Very well done!

    about 1 year ago
  • Kitty Cheshire

    That last comment I made actually seems kinda insensitive and I'm sorry but I'm just trying to make the best of this situation when you here that someone died that way.

    about 1 year ago
  • Kitty Cheshire

    Well done it's depressing, but... "If there's one thing you can count on humans to do it's die." -From somewhere in the Seasons of Sherlock by some character (Most likely Sherlock or Mycroft Holmes) Great work! Keep writing!

    about 1 year ago