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how the night become the protector

November 7, 2018

tw - mention of rape

in the beginning, when the humans began to roam the earth fully formed, there were two gods of the night sky - oxomoco, goddess of the stars and astrology, and hemecox, god of the night and the moon. they kept watch over the darkness, and they took the great crown of the sky when the gods of the day fell to rest.

until hemecox hurt her.

he raped the goddess, they say, on a night when the clouds covered the sky and hid his brutality. and the first lightning strikes hit the ground that night, and they caused fires that burned for days after.

the night after, there were no stars. the humans were lost in darkness, guided only by the weak moonlight buried in the pitch black skies. and for seven nights after, there were no stars, no planets shining, only biting cold and howling wind as the goddess lay in the dark clouds, recovering slowly.

and on the eighth night, as the people readied their fires and blankets to withstand another cold, unlit night, there was a great flash of burning white light, and a sound as though the sky itself was splitting in two. and when the light and ringing faded, there were stars again, and a great range of mountains to the southeast - the body of hemecox.

and as the people looked over the mountains, oxomoco rose, draped in shimmering blue robes covered in gold and silver so beautiful it was indescribable. the goddess smiled softly and raised her hands, creating thousands of new stars, until the sky looked like a shimmering tapestry of diamonds and there was enough light for every human. and the cold winds were gone, replaced by a soft warmth that stayed for days after.

they say that night was the longest since the earth was formed and the most beautiful by far. they say that the stars left the light for years after, and that the plants grew stronger, quicker.

people have tried, since then. tried to rape or beat or hurt their wives or husbands or children. sometimes a child will come into town, a bruise on their cheek, and the next day the woman who did to them will be found, dead, on the mountain range formed of hemecox's body. sometimes a girl will give birth to a child she never wanted, and a man will be found within the hour.

or sometimes, when worst comes to worst, someone will die in an attack, and the next night a new star will appear in the sky, forming a tapestry. that is how oxomoco became not just the goddess of the stars, the moon, astrology, the night - but also the protector. the protector of the victims, and the survivors, and those who never got to become survivors. they say that those who died still run amongst the stars with her, laughing, forever protected from those who would try to hurt them.
note: this is an origin story set in the universe of one of my longer stories.


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  • elisa

    thank you sm!! it's inspired by a million different stories of mythology - a couple aztec stories, some greek, some roman - and also by my own recovery and sexual assault. <3

    over 1 year ago
  • she’s-got-a-story

    this mythology is amazing. I'm seeing a bit of Greek influence- the killing of the patriarchal god- but what else inspired you? again, Greek/Roman with the hanging of the characters in the stars, but there's something else here that is brutally original and stunningly personal. love it.

    over 1 year ago
  • she’s-got-a-story

    haven't read it yet but YAY you're back and we're in the middle of some drama you know but down with censorship, etc!

    over 1 year ago