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February 6, 2015



Do you know what it’s like to run? Like really run? Where you’re running so fast that it’s a miracle that you’re not tripping over your own feet?

Because this kind of running is not the sort seen at your annual cross country marathon where you’re heaving after roughly a minute after failing to get in front of the endurance racers. Nor is this the kind of running where you race to the bus with false hope in your heart, even though it’s already pulling away. Not even the sprinters truly know what it’s like.

That feeling of achievement – of winning – is all fine and dandy, I can assure you. But it’s not enough… Fear is a more vicious motivator. It forces you to ignore your limits – no; fear forces you to throw those limits out the window whether you like it or not because they don’t matter. Never mind about being worried about how fast you can run or biting your nails over whether or not you did the appropriate stretches when Death’s clawed and rotting hand is reaching out to snatch you. Coming first is all that matters.


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