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November 8, 2018


As his bony fingers pull a needle through the walls of the ripped tissue of the heart, he couldn't help but wonder how much it would hurt. The patient lay bare on the operating table in the middle of the room, every aspect of her broken mind carefully placed on a tray nearby. With eyes clenched tight, he thought that she looked braver than others before her. Once again, sympathy flood in for the girl. He had never understood why humans, as intelligent as they were, fell for the same tricks over and over again, only hurting themselves and sometimes even causing irreversible damage in the process.

With something as flimsy and intangible as memories for thread, he weaves in and out, in and out, repeatedly, determined to not break the string- the continuous repetitive pattern calming his growing nerves. Sewing hearts together was risky business; sometimes it didn't work, causing more pain than before. Many had asked him before why he did what he did, seeing no use in fixing what couldn't be fixed. The same reply of shrug always puzzled them, leaving them no choice but to ignore him and his obsession with the stupid humans. 

He sighs with consolation as he pulls the thread through the last hole, tying a petite knot before he steps back to admire his work. Neat stitches barely visible stretched across her mended heart. Satisfied with his work and a simile on his face, he turned to pack up his equipment, finally noticing the colleague that stood in the doorway appreciating the product of his craftsmanship.  

"You did a good job on this one Grief,"  Depression said softly, circling the girl ultimately noticing the tray that lay nearby.
"She was a breeze to work with... I imagine you will find it easy to piece her mind back together. It seems as if she wasn't as affected by the breaking of the relationship than others were."

"It's these ones like her that we don't see in here the most isn't it anyway? I can only hope she is easy to work with- minds like her's can be troublesome to put together." 

"I wish you the best of luck- I'm sure she will turn out splendid as usual. Until the next one."
Glancing one more time at the girl, Grief clicked the latches on his brief-case close before turning towards the door, a mellow smile spreading across on his face. 

If you're wondering where you have seen something similar, its probably because of this poem I wrote earlier... kinda decided to expand on the idea. Wish me luck for Araw's contest though!


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  • Araw

    This was just stunning! The imagery at the beginning was so morbidly gorgeous (I've got a soft spot for writing like that). Thanks for the entry!

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    I love the ideas of personifying these invasive thoughts, the needle being painful memories, presenting a broken mind as something tangible. This is great!

    over 1 year ago