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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth-Inability to Process

November 8, 2018


“ANNNAABBEETTHH” Percy screamed. He frantically looked around the room tripping over many things. The other demigods came rushing to his room. They found him laying flat on the ground hyperventilating. Hazel was first to recover her shock. Meanwhile Nico slipped out of the room. Hazel helped Percy sit up leaning against his bed.
“Percy it’s gonna we okay. How do you know Annabeth’s gone? She could be in the restroom or just taking a walk.” 
“NO! She’s g-gone. I know, I feel it in my heart. It’s almost as her cries for help are in my mind.”
“Percy we need to get you refreshed before we find out what happened to Luke.” Jason said.
“How can I do that knowing Annabeth is in trouble. I can’t!”
“Percy come on we will look for her and find out what happened too. First you need energy.” Piper put charmspeak in her voice which probably wasn’t nice but Percy would murder everyone if she didn’t.
“Ye-yea. Okay. Energy first, then Annabeth.”
With the help of Frank and Jason Percy got up. They lead him out of the room. Piper took the lead. Nico di Angelo however, was already in the throne room and was running back to Percy’s room. On the way he bumped into Piper and both of them fell down rubbing their heads.
“Ow! Nico what in the world!”
“Sorry Pipes but” Nico leaned closer to Pipers ear. “Luke is gone. You can’t take Percy there he’ll go on a rampage” Nico whispered. Piper’s eyes widened but she hid her surprise.
“Uh you guys, let’s go back. Maybe we should talk before going into the throne room with the gods, and I’ll bring breakfast to you guys.” Piper said.
“ yeah, good idea Pipes.” Jason agreed with her because he knew Piper would’ve been saying it for a good reason. After all they are boyfriend and girlfriend. They all headed back to Percy’s room and he looked slightly confused until Hazel whispered in his ear and he relaxed a bit. They all entered his room sitting down where they found room. Percy’s room was a teal colored wallpaper with a mint colored bedroom set. He had pictures up of all his friends and family. A lot of them included Annabeth which was reasonable. One picture however was it in plain sight but not normal. Percy was very young, about ten just like in the  vision they saw of his past. A man was hugging Percy in the picture and he looked really close to him as well. The man had a strange appearance. A completely white skinned person with all black eyes. He was wearing a trench coat that had a cursive blood red T stitched on it. He had black boots as well. He was smiling but the smile, was more sinister. Hazel was the one who saw this picture. She looked away and Frank gave her a questioning look. Her expression read don’t ask. Leo, Piper, and Jason settled in the pink comfy corner with bean bags and a bouncy chair. It was dedicated to Annabeth by Percy since they would be in the same room a lot. Hazel sat down on the bed next to Percy to comfort him. Frank sat on the other side of Percy. Nico chose the desk in the corner. The room was quiet with tension. Finally Piper spoke up.
“Soo. What do we want for breakfast.” No reply.”
Percy suddenly stood up and walked to the door staring out of his room. He muttered under his breath and started going out of the room. The others knew they couldn’t stop him but they tried. They ran after him but it was too late, he had reached the throne room. He he saw Poseidon and Athena arguing with Hermes.
“Where is my daughter?!”
“I told you Athena I don’t know! Luke betrayed me!”
“You should know. After all he is your son. If anything happens to my son because of Luke I will murder him!”
Percy unable to process this much information. Stood there in shock. The gods didn’t notice the demigods at the entrance. Percy fell to the floor unconscious because of bad health and racing thoughts in his mind. He had dropped with a thud silencing the gods.
“Percy?” Poseidon called to his son. 
He lay there motionless. Everyone looked at the gods.
“Are you guys seriously arguing? We’re over here worried to death about Percy and Annabeth and you guys are arguing!” The gods looked at Piper in shock at her outburst.
“Piper, listen we didn’t want this to happen. But Hermes as a son who caused this. We’re thinking if he can’t do anything-“
“Lady Athena I know you possess wisdom but at this time we have to know where Luke has taken Annabeth and help Percy recover from what he’s going through. We can’t do this when the parents of them are bickering.” The gods looked down at his shoes. Percy then shot up and looked around as if he’d seen Annabeth. 
“Luke, I know where Annabeth is.” And with that he stood up and headed to the elevator.
“Percy wait!” Percy turned at Poseidon’s call. He looked him straight in the eyes. 
“Father don’t try and stop me. And you all” he looked at all his friends. “I won’t force any of you to come but if you wish to follow it is your choice. I’m going no matter what happens.”
Percy started walking back again and all the demigods followed. The three gods watched as the demigods left on their search for Annabeth.
“Luke took Annabeth to Chaos.” Percy just dropped a bomb on his friends.
“What?” Leo screamed. “How do you know?”
“I just do..” Percy continued walking. The others ran to catch up to him. Percy tumbled over as if he got punched. 
“I feel, everything Annabeth is feeling right now. Her pain, her torture.” Nico and Hazel looked at each other and knew that it would take more than just them to defeat Chaos. Percy kept walking. They walked for many days, stopping to eat and sleep a couple times. It wasn’t long before they reached the entrance in Los Angelos to the underworld. 
Im getting back on track!


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