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This is my first competition I've ever entered so I don't expect much.


November 26, 2018

    "Mission control, do you copy?" "Mission Control?" 
The year 3002, Starma was a girl from the planet Armidole. She was just becoming 18 when invaders took out the barrier and attacked. Her and her family were forced to flee, being shot out of the planet, exceeding speeds up to 44,000 miles per hour.
Her and her family were rescued by a group of other family's that had flee'd from Armidole. When they met up they had an abundance of food, like they were almost prepared for the attack. They went about 4 months traveling through space. Then, one day a little grey spec seemed to appear in the distance. They traveled closer when they landed they carefully inspected the area, for things like fresh oxygen, food sources, and a place to live. They found all of that, creatures from their home planet, fresh oxygen, and flat land with grass fields for crops. They thought it was perfect, until... 

        2984: Armidole
    When Starma was growing up she had both of her parents and she was very cozy in their small colony. She had a pet dog and cat, Loki the dog and Stormy the cat. As she grew up she obtained some bad memories. She had happy memories with her pets and friends, but she also had bad memories with her acquaintances like her presidents and her enemies from different colonies. Starma still loved her planet and most of all her family.

    "Hey Mom! Did you get the cats food for today?""Yes, don't worry they're fine." Packing in their colony could be hard, earthquakes, almost as often as every week, could occur at any moment. *Rumbling* "Oh god its happening" "Ugh" "Starma, Lucy get in the basement before we get hit by it" "Dad, its just an earthquake we haven't gotten hit by one of the rocks for almost 45 years!" Just trying to be safe." SOmetimes, rocks from space would fly in during earthquakes because they made their atmosphere really weak, but they were usually never in the rocks line of fire.

        March, 3002: Starma
    ...3:26 A.M. "EVERYONE GET TO THE CAR AND PACK YOUR BELONGINGS, QUICK" What, mom what's going on?" "I don't know just listen to your dad" Everyone outside was out packing and getting in their cars even the colony leader was instructing everyone in the colony speakers, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL" What the heck is going on I was hurriy packing my bags, hoping i didn't forget anything. As I finished packing I saw a huge blur in the sky which really spiked my curiosity. As I wandered outside one of the colony officers caught me and told me to regroup with my family as I rushed back to my house my parents both yelled at me but there was really no point as we were about to flee our home planet. As I got the pets food and their carry crates for the ride I heard my dad yell "Alright everyone, wrap it up, the space cruiser leaves in 12 minutes!"

        The Attack
    It was about 5:30 A.M. now and we were about a minute away from the space station. As we were loading our bags into our cruisers we heard a sharp *BANG* and then an explosion followed with screaming. We all had to rush into the cruiser before they, or whatever was out there got us. As the ship carrying the cruisers lifted off we heard another loud creak and then we ll had a message on our cruiser screens, "EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THE ENGINE". As my dad and mom quickly switched the gears and prepared for flight we were hit but still managed to get out in the emergency escape pod, leaving our cat behind and most of our food supply we had packed.As we were heading in space we were picked up by a group of rescue patrols, well, we thought...

    We had never thought of a rescue this quick as we soon realized, it was too good to be true. They put us all in the back with some food and Stormy. for about two weeks they had a meager food supply just barely feeding us. Then this ship crashed, how much worse could it get? Apparently not that bad, as this family was scavenging the ship they just attacked they found us and brought us with them on their journey to a new planet. They had so much food and supplies it was crazy! For about four months we had been traveing, when we saw a little grey planet, as we investigated it was safe with everything we needed, even a healthy ecosystem. As so we quickly changed our minds.

    During exploration of the planet we were shockingly greeted by a droid holding these giant guns and electric police bikes as my mom hurried to explain, "We're sorry if we're invading but our home planet was invaded and we found this planet, we needed a place to stay. The droids didn't even say anything but then we heard something behind us, then, I froze, just there and then I couldn't move but then I was somewhere else and I seemed to break out in this "Place" and I was moving but I couldn't say "Starma, they are coming get in the car NOW" I didn't know what to do but I just followed their voices and seemed to work with it but I know I wasn't there.

        "COME HERE" my dad exclaimed . "WE NEED TO GO NOW" As I rushed to their voices I suddenly heard a crack and I fell on the ground but I had no time, I ran and ran 'till I catched up with them then I jumped into a car and then was pulled back into them "Mom, Dad, I can't see!" "Im Stuck! but then, I wasn't there like it was back then, in armidol, was I just in



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