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The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all. - Psalm 34:18-19


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Fact or Fiction

November 19, 2018

    Humans share 99.9% of their DNA with each other. The remaining .1% is supposed to make us unique. 
    I, however, didn't get so lucky.
    My legs are weak and cold wind stings my eyes. I know running away is pointless. Mum always knows where I am. But I have to try. I need to find Lisa. 
    I collapse on the side of the road. I hear my scream and someone's footsteps rushing towards me. My calf burns. Blood runs down my knees. Tears blend with the rain that smacks the pavement by my head. 
    "Are you okay?" 
    I shake my head. Fuzzy darkness surrounds whoever is speaking. I don't recognize the voice like I thought I might. 
    "What's your name?" she asks gently.  
    "Must... find... Lisa..." 
    "I know, sweetheart. What's your name?" 
    The cream colored ceiling swirls before my eyes. I blink a few times. It gets a little better. I shiver despite the quilt draped over me. 
    The girl walks past carrying a tray of yogurt, scones, and Jello. She sets it on a footstool beside me, kneels down, and hands me a glass of water. I don't drink it. 
    "Hi, Ro. My name is Piper. I'm a nursing student. Do you remember what happened?" 
    I do, vaguely, but I'd rather not talk to a stranger. I shake my head. 
    "You fell and scraped your legs on the road. You were in front of my house, so I brought you inside. It's cold out there." 
    You're telling me. I try to sit up, but she motions for me to lie back down. 
    "I'm sure you want to get out of here, but you should gain some strength back first. Where did you say you were going again?" 
    Anywhere but here, I want to tell her. Anywhere that I can have a fresh start and try to find my identity. I clutch the glass and say nothing. 
    "Alright, you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to. However, I do suggest you eat something. It's hard to run when you've got nothing left."  
    She leaves the room. I push off of the pillows and grab a scone. It melts in my mouth, but I'm still nauseous. All I can think about is the newspaper and Lisa and how all I've ever known is only half of the truth. 
    The newspaper. Where is it? 
    I look around the minimalistic room, probably Piper's living room. Nothing. I look to see if it's next to the couch under my head. Nothing. By my feet, maybe? Nope. Nothing. 
    She must want something. I punch the wall. How could I be so careless? I need that backpack to survive before I can get to Lisa's house. All my money, some food, the paper... 
    Piper runs in. "What's wrong?" 
    "Where's my backpack?" I yell. 
    "I put it in my room so - " 
    "What do you know?" 
    The doorbell rings. We both freeze. Slowly, she walks across the room. The bell rings again before she answers. 
    "Is Ro here?" 
    Oh no. I pull the quilt over my head. Please, Piper, don't rat me out to him. 
    "Who are you?" 
    "Felix Rodham, ma'am. A friend of the family. Her mom traced Ro's phone and found her here. She thought Ro would be more willing to leave if I showed up instead of her." 
    "Come with me." I hear them walk toward me, then the cover is yanked off my head. "Ro, do you recognize this boy?" 
    I'd lie, but I'm not sure which is worse. Sticking around someone who possibly doesn't know a thing or leaving with the guy who knows too much about my past. 
    "Yes," I mumble. 
    "Let me get your things and I'll send you on your way. Please, take the rest of the scones with you." 
    Once again, she leaves . I stand up and stare straight into Felix's endless brown eyes. 
    "How'd you really find me?" 
    "I followed you from your house." 
    "Shouldn't you be in Mum's lab so she can observe your every move, make sure her little experiment actually worked before you go stalking people?" 
    "I'm a clone, not a baby." 
    "I'm a clone of her baby. Maybe you should try to remember that." 
    "Maybe it doesn't matter to me and shouldn't matter so much to you." 
    Piper's loud steps are within earshot again. She hands me my backpack. "Check. Make sure everything is there." It's as if she's testing me, daring me to yell at her again. 
    But it's all there. Untouched, from what I can tell. "Thank you." 
    "My pleasure." 
    She walks us to the door. I feel her slip something in my back pocket. "I hope you find what you're looking for," she wishes us as we step into the world, the air damp from the springtime rain, the sun trying to fix everything. 
    I hope so, too.


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  • AbigailSauble

    Great great job! This is so fascinating! Wish you would write more. :)

    12 months ago
  • camlily

    Wow this is very interesting and I absolutely love it!!! You should absolutely continue it; I really want to read more.

    about 1 year ago
  • Opal Drop


    about 1 year ago