Jey Min (SOTA)


I write when I gain inspiration. I aspire to be a published poet someday.

Final Destination

November 7, 2018


What is life but a train with no destination?
With each jerking stop figures alight.
Some whisper no goodbye as they fade.
Some jump out, their faces turned away,
destroyed by harsh brushstrokes of anguish and pain.
Some hold on as they are pulled from my grasp.
Their warmth seeps into my bones
but soon the cold sets in. They are always gone too soon.

One by one,
they trickle out of the shut doors
Flowing fast into the endless night.
Silence is cleaved apart by the screeching of the rails,
my never-ending blight.
It brings me towards/through my predestined path,
the ceaseless drone of compliance.
I dared not alight, I dared not walk my path alone.
Anger is what burns in my chest as the train runs, full speed
towards my Final Destination,
the end of my road.

But I am neither invisible nor invincible.
That is the fate of mortality,
And change is as simple as the breaking of a barrier
into a million glass shards
to bring the rushing air into my lungs.
Change is as simple as running into the dark but certain night,
for this body is mine to control.
Change is as simple as walking on undisturbed ground
for you are the master of your fate,
The lord of your soul.


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