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Glass of Milk

By: R.j.Elsewhere


It’s 2pm and I’m in France, chugging my fourth glass of liquor because for a long time now, it finally began to go down easy. Easy like a glass of milk – going down and deep with a gentle temper, a smooth screech, and a liking burn. Cheers spark around me, and it catches the oil down my throat ablaze with shame and pleasure and relief and anger and spite, and everything hideous that lies dormant within me when I’m around those of easy living. But everyone is too busy with the fact that I rebelled against the warnings of our teachers, the threats of our enforces, and the sicken of our parents – to wonder how empty I had to be in order to do it all and more…
But I guess that too goes down easy like a glass of milk.

Peer Review

Maybe the fact that the person is in France; I always enjoy reading pieces that take place in other countries.

What made him/her go to drink? Is there a problem in their life, or are they doing it for mere fun?

Reviewer Comments

This was an amazing piece. I do really enjoy reading your pieces, very much! I think that you are a very talented writer, and I swear I wish I had you by my side when I'm writing, because you are seriously one of the best writers, I've encountered thus far. I know a lot of users say that they don't like pieces that only compliments their work, but this piece was just phenomenal, so great job!

Always write free,