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Threading the Needle: Chapter Two

November 6, 2018


Jimmy followed Arthur to an abandoned parking lot. A lot of out of use cars were put in these, since the government made cycling the dominant mode of transportation. Car owners were a miniorty now, even though years ago it was apparently the opposite. But what this place had to do with threading the neddle?

As if knowing what Jimmy was thinking, Arthur said,”Before we begin the next part of your training, let explain what the Needle Threading Technique is all about.”

He got up on the hood of the car, and sat with his legs criss crossed. Jimmy did the same on the car in front of Arthur’s.

”Basically, the Needle Threading Technique revolves around being able to pass any bike, no matter how difficult it may seem,” Arthur began his lecture.

”Being able to pass people?” Jimmy asked,”Isn’t that what you learn when you first learning how to ride a bike?”

”Well sure,” Arthur admitted,”But that’s for traffic and road safety. A child could learn it. But Needle Threading, is a bit more...dangerous, you could say.”

”How so?” 

“Well these cars are, I dunno, maybe like two apart, right? Well, if you thread the neddle right, you  actually go in between these cars.”

“Really?” Jimmy was suprised. A whole bike and it’s rider, in that small a distance? And all just to pass someone?

”If you do stuff like that during a race, you can get pretty far.” Arthur said.

”Can you show me?!” Jimmy was excite. This is what Arthur the best cyclist, and he was going to learn it!

”Not today, kid,” Arthur said,”I have to take care of something for my dad.”

He got off the car. “Come on, let’s go get our bikes,” He said.

Jimmy wondered what was in store for tomorrow.


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