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Chione Koech

United States

Poem Collection

February 29, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Of my sister I am somewhat fond
We’re at that age where we always argue but manage to keep our bond
My sister is a necessary evil, you hate but you can’t go on without
She’s hypocritical with no qualms against a loud scream or shout
Don’t get me wrong I do love her so
But let me tell you I can’t wait till she grow
We won’t argue or call eachother names
We’ll help each other with where ever we aim
I’ll help her pick her wedding flowers and study for her D-A-T
She’ll help me pick out the right shoes and who to marry
She’s as stubborn as a mule and mean as a cat
But I’ll support her in life even if she goes through a faze that requires everything to be nonfat
I love her even though she's sometimes a butt, she has a soft-touch
And I guess, I guess I love her very very much

The Storm: Leaving
The door rattled a demanding sound
As the water poured and poured down
I knew I had to leave before i heard the
Of the door breaking behind my back  
I was on my way by the time I heard the third knock
No more trouble when I heard the
Of the door unlock
Five more minutes until I had to go
One more minute when I heard a shrill scream from the downstairs below
Out the door with an icy cold breeze
No more BOOM BOOM BOOMs and no more screams

That tiny picture contains a life changing thing
A seriously significant sounding thing
Her name is shelly the celli and she sings
She sings all day demanding all to see
She’s wonderful in an ensemble and solo setting
I daydream during her warm warbles and trill tremolo
She completes an orchestra, makes it full and true
I love her sound and so should you
Because more impotently she’ll speak to you when you hear her
She if let, could fill the whole world with her sound
So when you hear her, and truly listen your whole life will change

She is the cutest thing in the world, but i may be biased
It scares me to death thinking about when she’s gone
Tears flood my eyes the minute I think of her gone
I sometimes wonder if we should have kept her
I’ve never been this attached to such a tiny thing
What will I do when she stops making me laugh
I love her so much and it terrifies me so bad
The world will end the minute she leaves
But I’ll cherish every moment I have with her
Document all her years so it won't be such a painful thing


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