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I write when I find the time - and sometimes when I don't have any at all.

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Summer's Kiss

November 5, 2018


I follow you, bare-footed and eager to see where you fall. Underneath a tree that seems to have witnessed the world change, I am glad that this is your choice. I fall next to you, our hands are close but too nervous to touch. I giggle, you don't, we're different in this moment. "I hate the Summer," you say, saddened, like the sun stole your hope. "I wouldn't be so sure," I say, stealing it back for you.

"We have an open sky." Shifting your head, you look at me and I simply melt there. The light begins to dance in your eyes again, so I keep talking.

"We have the rushing waves on the sand." You smile as the memories are realised again - collecting sea shells and kissing, like we used to. I keep talking in hopes that we will again.

"We have picnics at sun set." I know that you are beginning to change your mind. I speak once more to make sure that you do.

But before I can, "I have you," suddenly, you say, hopeful.

"You do," and we kiss, like we used to.


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