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Rodger Sterling

November 6, 2018


Rodger Sterling was quite a lonely boy,
His only friend was a beat up toy,
Who apparently had a preference for soy,
And Rodger insisted his name was Roy.

Rodger Sterling lived with his Grandmother,
Who he sometimes wished to smother,
With hugs and kisses because she was a better mother,
Than Rodger’s, who was quite the deserter.

One day Rodger and Roy were playing on the mat,
When they saw the most vile creature: a rat,
Who adorned a dapper top hat,
And whose name was Amrat.

Now Amrat was from country under the floor,
Which gave his people a bore,
They wished to expand so they don’t snore,
And soon they would take over granny’s food store.

Rodger was quite worried about the rat’s imperialism,
He wished they just have a schism,
Like those popes that practiced deism,
But even that might that not solve the rat’s antagonism.

Rodger had to develop a plan,
Where only he would be a fan,
Because granny was busy cooking on the pan.
And Roy, was a toy that greatly resembled an Afghan.

Now Rodger devolved a clever strategy,
That would not require any battery,
He would distract the rats with mindless chattery,
And would hope they would be seen by his granny.

Granny saw the rats, then they left,
They could no longer commit their theft,
But they’d back, said a rat with a cleft,
With many more to help them heft.
I quite like this, what do you think. 

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