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My List of Songs for Writing

November 7, 2018


I'm sick and tired, so I came up with the list of songs I listen to when I write.

The Worlds Meet by Cirque Du Soleil (from Zed)
This is, by far, the most romantic song I've ever heard and I don't understand a word of it (I'm not sure anyone does, but if you do, would you give me a translation?). I haven't even seen the act that goes with it. I highly recommend listening to this while writing a sweet, heart-warming scene. Length: 6:36

Come Alive by The Greatest Showman (from The Greatest Showman)
So, so, so much hope.  This is more for getting pumped up for writing, as its theme is getting out of your dreary, normal world and following your dreams. Having doubts about writing? Listen to it. (And watch the movie!) Length: 3:46

Tea House Fight by David Buckely (from Forbidden Kingdom)
This is the soundtrack to the (guess what?) tea house fight scene in Forbidden Kingdom (10/10 recommends if you like good character arcs and fight scenes; also features Jackie Chan and Jet Li). It never fails to make me want to write a good 'ole fighting scene. Not a gory fight scene, either, but something fantastical and fast paced. Actually, most of the soundtracks from that movie would work well for a fight scene. Length: 5:09.

Hops' Shop by David Buckley (From Forbidden Kingdom)
Also a soundtrack for Forbidden Kingdom, this goes to an ominous, angsty chase scene. If you need to feel like your protagonist is in danger, listen to this. Length: 3:08

Farewell by Apocalyptica
This is a really dark song (but it doesn't have lyrics). It's super sad and angry and angsty. Good for mourning and mysterious scenes. Length: 5:31

Cristofori's Dream by David Lanz
I really want to see someone do ballet to this. It is as the composer intended: dreamy, full of drifting notes and small suspensions. It could be interpreted as either sad or hopeful, depending where you are in the song. Good for bittersweet, heart-wrenching scenes. Length: 6:01

The Sound of Silence by Disturbed
Damn, he has a voice. Anyways, this version is really powerful and dark.Good for angst-filled scenes. Length: 4:19 (including the twelve seconds of silence in the beginning).

Golden Slumbers/The End by K.D. Lang (from Happy Feet)
This is such a sweet lullaby. I'm guaranteed to fall asleep to it. Super sad and gentle. You know that one movie scene where the protagonist is in enormous pain and the only noise is either just silence or music? This would be perfect for one of those scenes. Or a character trying to comfort their friend sort of scene. Length: 4:16

Borderline by Alison Krauss
It's a breaking-up love song, but would be good for other sorts of love, too. A good song for when one of your characters are moving down the bad path and it's the protagonist talking about them. One of my favorite lines from the song is, "When you cross over/ there's no turning back/ once that burning bridge gone." Length: 3:26

Chase the Feeling by the Devil Makes Three
This version sends chills down my spine. It is so friggin' dark. This song would be from the villain's POV. It's sort of taunting, sort of understanding. Good for when your protagonist's at their lowest, but it has to be a really low point. This song is great for creating that feeling of self-destruction. Best verse: "And you're dealin' with some demons/ Who are driving you insane/ And I seen them drag you screamin'/ Down the hallways of your brain." Length: 3:35

Paint it Black by Ramin Djawadi
This version is orchestra, and while the original is also good, this is just amazing. It's dark and exciting. It's like an approaching thunderstorm. Starts slow and rumbling, but when it arrives, it's fast and full of lightning. Length: 5:44

I'll Make A Man Out Of You by Disney (from Mulan)
For a change of pace from all those sad dark songs (which I'll get back to momentarily) I recommend, yes, a Disney song. I love this song more than I want to admit. It's great for writing those training montage scenes, like one that would imitate the scene that goes on in Mulan as this plays out. The only problem (for me) is that I want to listen the song more than I want to write when it pops up ... Speaking of Mulan, I'm going to write a review on that soon. Length: 3:22

Speaking of Disney ...

Bells of the Notre Dame by Disney (from Hunchback of the Notre Dame)
This song really freaked me out the first dozen times I listened to it, then again as I'm going through the Disney songs to see if I still like any of them. What creeps me out so much about it is the lighthearted tone the narrator starts with and how dark it becomes (then there's the choir, which never fails to give me chills). I might love it for just this part: "Now here is a riddle to guess if you can/ Sing the bells of Notre Dame/ Who is the monster and who is the man?" Also, I have a really good backstory appearing for one (two? three?) of my characters because of this song. It's yet another dark song, which I suppose is a testament to what sort of novel I'm writing. Length: 6:25

Circle of Life by Disney (from The Lion King)
Last Disney song, I promise. (I also feel the need to include a lighter song.) This is a song that's great for hopeful scenes, backstory time, heartwarming scenes, and all things good. I love it almost solely for the vocalist's rich voice. Length: 3:49

Lay Down, Lay Low by The Steel Wheels
Back to the sad songs! I, personally, have a scene planned out to this song where one protagonist has to get to another protagonist before he's killed. It's the silent, ohgodihavetogetthererightnow
scene. Super dramatic, super intense. There's even a part in the song where an axe can fall, a gunshot fired, or something. A moment where the protagonists have failed. And one of them dies. Length: 4:49

The Highwayman by Loreena McKennit 
She does a fantastic with Alfred Noyes's poem. It is heart-wrenching and sad and beautiful. You (or, at least, me) won't notice how long it is as she sings the sad poem. Length: 10:21

Bilgewater by Brown Bird
If you need to write a song about a character working through the worst of life (maybe the character's a slave, a tormented servant) this song is perfect. While I love all the poignant lyrics, one of the best verses is: "Will you be ready when the straw boss calls?/He’s got an ever loving bone to pick with one and all/ Don’t let his condescension get you down/ Just have the strength to know you’re wrong/ And when you’re right the strength to stand your ground." Good for writing scenes where the character needs to just tighten their belt and carry on. For a similar song also by Brown Bird, I recommend Fingers to the Bone. Length: 3:47

That's where I'll stop, 'cuz I'm sick and tired and have reached a good stopping point. Please, tell me your favorite songs for writing.

I'm currently listening to Excuse My French by Caro Emerald. I love it. It goes so far against the grain, especially against her own songs of having affairs left and right.

I don't know what you must be on
You walked in like the Aga Khan
Did you fly in on a jet?
Win a million dollar bet?
So let me get my good shoes on

I wanna follow in the same old steps
Where you waltz around like you're the best
Where your garden blooms in May
But it's snowing every day
'Cause you have everything you want

You must be
The Houdini in my life
But you can't see
I could never be your wife

'Cause I'm still a lady
No, I'm not some wench
That falls for your lines
I'm not on the fence
Your routine is fading, boy
I could use a wrench
I know my words won't fail me
Please excuse my French

Today you think you're Errol Flynn
Sharing stories where you think you've been
Your style must be cramped, without a passport stamp
Can't you see the twister that you're in
Lie down inside a sea of words
You're going under, now you won't get hurt
So just give it a rest, this time your more is less
You're going solo in this dream

You must be
The Houdini in my life
But you can't see
I could never be your wife

'Cause I'm still a lady
No, I'm not some wench
That falls for your lines
I'm not on the fence
Your routine is fading, boy
I could use a wrench
I know my words won't fail me
Please excuse my French


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  • Kahasai

    Yay! Tell me what you think of them ... even if you don't like any of them. Do you have a music playlist for writing?

    almost 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    I’ll be sure to try these out!

    almost 2 years ago