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When I write, I lose myself inside of my new world, I become my main character. I escape the pain and suffering of this world and I write a new world where I can be happy. Writing has always been the friend that I never had with anyone else. I become a knight, or a princess, Someone braver than myself. I become something that is bigger than life, I join something that is much more important than myself. I become the girl I would never get to be.

Waiting for the times.

November 26, 2018

    Nevaeh's mother always told her she was special. She always knew when she would be needed. Nevaeh shrugged it off most of the time... All children are special. she would think. What could I be that another child couldn't? After her mother disappeared, Nevaeh found herself turning to her mother's words more than she used too. When she was in times of trouble, her mother would come into her mind to save her, comfort her but there was once a time where Nevaeh could no longer rely on her mother. 
    It was a quiet, clear night in the town of Bradford, Kentucky. The barn owls which Nevaeh's step-father refused to kill peered through her bedroom window as she put on her pajamas and made her bed. Make your bed every day, even if you are about to get into it. Her mother's voice would say to her. It had been 5 years since her mother's disappearance and Nevaeh still tried to grasp the thought of her mother being gone. once dressed, she made her way down the stairs into the basement of the little shack that her step-father called a home. The floorboards under her creaked as the house settled into the soft ground below. Her step-father sat with a beer in his right hand and a half smoked cigar in the other, passed out in front of the Tv which had been turned to top volume. 
    Nevaeh often wondered why her mother married the drunkest man in the world. He refused to provide for the family, leaving young Nevaeh to fend for herself.  Nevaeh turned off the TV and covered the sleeping man with a blanket that had been draped over the table in front of her. "Good night Steven." she said in a whispered tone before trudging back up to her bed. pulling the blanket high over her head to prevent anyone from seeing her. the owls still peered into her bedroom, almost watching over her. 
    The morning came quickly as it did most days. Nevaeh pulled herself out of bed, her Chestnut brown hair was now in knots. She reached up and touched her locket, This had become a safety net for her.  she would never forget that day. It was the worst day of her life, seeing how a woman who had raised her was not going to be able to see her grow into a young lady. A picture of that woman rested inside of the locket.
    There was a sound from the front door of their little shack, someone wrapping their knuckles across the rotting wooden door. Not expecting any visitors, Nevaeh approached the door with caution. grabbing a candlestick from the table to use as a weapon. opening the door, Nevaeh saw a young man in all his grandeur. A tailored black suit with a charming red tie. His chiseled jaw lifted with a proud, pleasant smile. His eyes a sparkling green, so much like her father's, and his soft, feather-like black hair brushed away from his brow. He was charming and smart. His voice was that of any rich boy, honeyed and proud. Every word he said sounded beautiful but you felt no compassion or trust for the speaker. "Hello, You must be.." He paused glancing down at a notepad that Nevaeh had not noticed before. "Nev-Neveah?" It appeared to be more of a question then a statement. 
    "Yes, Who are you?" Neveah focused her eyes on the man, ensuring she watched every move he made. trying not to wake her step-father as she shifted her weight from one foot to the next.  
    "My name is Xavier, Xavier Cunning. I am a friend of your mother's. Is she home?" He peered into her doorway, a look of disgust crossed his face. "It appears not, may I come in child?" 
    "I'm not a child." she replied, the man's finger tips pulsed with electricity that could be seen in the form of a bright light. the light varying in color from purple to green. "What's wrong with your fingers?" she asked abruptly as the man stepped into the small shack. 
    "Has your mother not told you child?" The man glared back at her. giving her a sense of anxiety that wouldn't go away. 
    "Told me what? I haven't seen my mother in five years sir." 
    "You're a witch. Your mother and your father both had incredible talents with the magical arts." He said with a proud smile. "You really didn't know?"
    "No, and I think you might have hit your head on the wall when you came inside." Maybe this was just a coincidence, or a prank. She thought as she watched the man closely. 
    "What's that locket you've got on?" He hovered over the couch as if it were too dirty for him to sit upon. 
    "It was with my mother's things. I think you need to leave." Nevaeh backed further from the man, before feeling the warm touch of a familiar hand, comforting her from behind. 


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