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Changing Moon: A Werewolf Story (Chapter 3)

November 5, 2018




    One day, I was hanging out with Angel when I got a call from Scar. He told me they had found two suspects. It was getting late, and Angel had to get home, anyways, so me, just upping and leaving wasn’t a big deal, Thank God, for coincidences.

     I met up with Fang and Scar, at an almost deserted gas station. I thought it’d be closed, considering most the lights were out, and there were only two cars, parked in the lot- The suspect’s and the worker. The station was on the side of the road, we decided not to bring our car, as to not draw attention to ourselves. Considering, we are still werewolves, we can run abnormally fast in comparison to humans, and even vehicles. We stayed behind the trees, and watched. Nothing seemed suspicious since the suspects were just bargaining with the worker, to purchase something, even though the gas station was closed-huh, so it is closed. Eventually the worker agreed, and handed the two boys a soft drink. As the two boys turned to head back to their car, I noticed I had seen them in school before, both were in 11th grade, like the rest of us-and both of them hung out with Sheela.

    The boys got in their car, and began to drive away. As they approached our tree, they screeched to a sudden stop. Fang, Scar, and I froze; hoping they hadn’t spotted us. Fortunately, their attention was on something else, they began talking and continued driving. When we returned home, we told the agents about the two suspects, and advised them to keep watch on their security cams. We were informed that a machine was being built-a protective shield for my clan. I hope it gets completed in time.
 Later on that night, Angel texted me:
Hey Kyle, you up?
Yea, why?
Because I wanted to ask you a question
My dad is having a picnic tmrw, can you and your brothers come?
Uh, where’s it at?
Ukani Springs

Now, normally I would tell Angel, Of course, I’d love to go with you! But this-this was unexpected. No one just has a picnic at Ukani Springs; I mean sure the view was great, but no one repeat, NO ONE ever just picnic-ed at the Springs, everyone knows the stories of ‘The lurking monsters.’ Why Ukani Springs?

I’ll see if we can make it-I text.
     Early the next morning, I told Scar and Fang about it. Bill, the head-agent, overheard us and told us it wouldn’t be safe to go, because somehow he knows Angel’s dad, and if Sheela or the other two suspects are with Angel, then they’re up to something. Bill said that we have a connection with our home, and somehow they’d be able to track us. Honestly, I hadn’t heard much of what he said; I never listen when he talks. Is that a bad thing? We told Bill not to worry; we’ll wear lots of perfume to block out our scent, since our noses are very sensitives to those sorts of things.
    A little before noon, I dressed in casual wear, a red plaid shirt, and blue jeans.  And I put on lots of perfume, indeed. Scar and Fang did the same, and we pretty much wore the same outfits to keep up the twin façade thing. Eh. We took the thirty minute drive to Ukani Springs, and as we got out the car, Angel ran to me, jumping into my arms, and throwing her arms around my neck! “I’m so glad you made it!” She cried. I couldn’t show Angel as much affection as she’d shown me, or else I’d be a traitor.
     Anyways, it didn’t seem like many people at first, but as we walked past the trees, and near the springs, it was crowded! I looked around trying to find any suspicious people or even anyone from my clan, but the only people at of place there, were men in black suits? Huh, why are they here? Anyways, I hadn’t realized all the while, Angel was introducing us to people, and slowly making her way to her dad, until I was standing right in front of him. “And this is my father, Jim Lowe,” she said.
“You must be Kyle. I see why my daughter is crazy about you,” Jim said. “Um, yeah,” I stutter, “It’s nice to meet you sir,” I say hoping no one can see my face flushing all kinds of red. Angel then introduced him to Fang and Scar, “These are his twin brothers, Michael and Chris,” she said, as she stood beside me, wrapping her arm around my waist, and leaning her head on my shoulder. My fingers wanted to trace through her hair, and my body felt like tiny needles were poking all over. I draped my arm over her shoulder, wishing I could do more, but since I knew I couldn’t- I died inside, just a little.

    The picnic seemed to be a family reunion starting with Angel’s ancestors, considering how many people were there. Though the picnic only went on for 2 hours, it seemed like it lasted a lifetime. This is off-topic but important; Sheela was there with the other two suspects, whose names were Tanner and Clifton. Though this was probably in some way a trap, we had a great time! We even had a great time with Sheela, Clifton, and Tanner. Something that made me worried though, was Angel’s dad. He was constantly watching, hardly ever taking his eyes off of us-me. Maybe he’s just looking out for his daughter?

    Towards the end of the picnic, Angel and I sat away from everyone else, near the waterfall. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Angel asked staring into the waterfall, and I don’t know which one to get lost in, her eyes, or the waterfall. I replied in the affirmative as she gazed on in the silence. “My father is working on a project that’ll destroy this place,” she said, her voice cracking as if she’s on the verge of crying. I put my arm around her, and she lays her head on my shoulder. I then kiss the top of her head. What are you doing Shadow?! “Why would he do that?” I ask. “He-”Angel sniffs, “He says there are monsters out there. Werewolves, to be exact; says they need to be destroyed.” She looks at me with tears in her eyes, as if looking for help, I couldn’t possibly provide. “Even if it’s true, why would he kill them?” I inquire. “When I-when I,” she sobs. “Shh, shh, its okay, you don’t have to tell me,” I whisper into her hair. “I have to,” she says, wiping her tears away. “We moved out here, when I was only a baby,” she begins, “and mom and dad decided to tour Ukani Springs, when they came across a werewolf pack. My parents were warned there were things out there, but no one believes until they actually see it for themselves. Anyway, the werewolves attacked them, and killed my mother. Ever since then, my father he-he hated nature." "I, despite everything, I still love nature, I feel it has something in store for me,” she finishes with a small laugh.
    The story Angel told, wasn’t exactly how it happened. Her father must have never told the real story, but us werewolves know the reality of that attack.  When I was a cub, humans were hunting in our lands, we were hiding away in our dens, but when one of the humans spotted us, the whole mob attacked, my mother tried to protect me, but she was killed. My father, devastated, killed any human in the way; one of those must have been Angel’s mother. “Anyways, I was wondering if you could help me convince my dad not to go on with his plan. You’re good with words, please Kyle,” she begs, pulling me from my thoughts. “I-” “kiddos, we’re wrapping it up now, could you help us clean?” Jim interrupts.

    After we clean up, Fang, Scar, Angel, and I decide to go to the movies; and somehow Sheela, Tanner, and Clifton tag along. “So what do you guys wanna watch?” Scar asked. “There’s a romance movie playing,” Sheela suggests. “Oh hell naw!” Fang protested. “Yes!!” Angel squealed. “I am not watchin any sappy crap,” Tanner said, looking through the list of movies playing that night. “There’s a zombie movie playing,” I said, hoping to come to an agreement. “No way!” Sheela and Angel cried simultaneously. After a bunch of arguing, we wind up watching some romantic movie.

    The theater room was packed, so we all couldn’t sit together. Angel and I sat together, near the back; while the rest of the group took the few empty seats in the front. To my surprise, the movie was actually interesting. So this girl (Emilia) is pretty much a loner, nerd, social pariah, and no one likes her. However, Jason, the most popular and handsome guy alive, has been keeping an eye on Emilia. Though he doesn’t outwardly show his love for her, he does indeed love her. Emilia had always liked Jason, but never confessed because…who could like a girl like her?

Anyways, I guess Angel got bored of the movie, and rested her head on my shoulder. I think I love you, I hear someone say, and I swear it sounded like Angel. I realize the girl in the movie hadn’t said it, and I look down at Angel, a small smile stretching across her face.
Sorry I have to end here, but I want to make a few changes to the next parts. I realized I'm making Kyle- I mean Shadow, a little too human-ish, and I wanna change his character a little. So Ch.4 will be up later, hopefully :)



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  • Kitty Cheshire

    Good job!!! Mina/Baby Chick :D Love, Mamma Hen ;) ;) Kitty

    about 1 year ago
  • green.eyes.gurl

    This is so good! I am in love with these characters! Can't wait for the next chapter!

    about 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Thanks @Quille, The next part will be up soon! @Alylee03 that'd be a great idea, but this story was already pre-written, I am just posting it to WtW. Again, that's a really great idea, but I'd have to change the entire story if I did that, and at the moment, I'm only changing small aspects. Thanks for the idea, I'll probably use that for a new story!!


    about 1 year ago
  • A person

    You could make it a part of the problem and his friends confront him about his human behaviours and he could go rogue for a bit and join Angel's group. But I'm sure however you change it, it will be great.
    Keep writing!!!!!

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    This is going really great! Good luck with the changes. Please keep posting :D

    about 1 year ago