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Her Fate is known: Chapter 1

November 13, 2018

He was staring at me blankly again. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, absentmindedly thinking about making a ponytail for a second. No time, I reminded myself. “Okay, Grayson, I’m gonna need you to stop freaking out and making that face because frankly it's extremely distracting and most likely will be detrimental to you getting out of here alive.” I took him by the shoulders because he was still staring at me with a look on his face that did not suggest he understood me. “I am not a witch, but she is, and she does want to kill me which means she’s trying to kill you so just trust me, and we will both make it out of this.”

Finally, he nodded at me.

My day didn’t start off that way. It started off, as normal as mornings do for me. I got up, ate my cereal and cleaned my apartment. By cleaned it, I mean I waved my hand and everything was set back into place, clothes into drawers, all shelves dusted, and all crumbs removed from blankets and floors. The cleaning spell had to be by far my favorite one of all, because if there was one thing I hated more than rouge magic wielders it was having to clean my own home.
My phone pinged just as I made it out of the door like it always did. The message was usually in the same format, an assignment, a name and an address. I screenshotted it, deleted the text and headed off to my day job, writing for Executive Magazine. Which if I didn’t have such a passion for writing, I would have already quit. Well the fact that I love writing and the fact that my grandmother got me that job and she would be more disappointed at me then she already was on a daily basis if I quit.

So I sat at my desk and I wrote, checked articles and occasionally made spreadsheets for seven hours a day, all while pretending that I was having the time of my life.  I am a good actress, if what I do every single day is any indication. The only break I have is my other job, which was the reason why I ended up trapped in the library with a crazy witch trying to kill me.
I left work that day early because I was “sick” but mostly I was tired of sitting at that desk, chained to it for what felt like eternity. I headed off to the library or more accurately the library beneath the regular City of Buffalo Public Library. I had a question eating at the back of my brain that I couldn’t answer without looking at one of the books, I didn’t know which one I needed but I had a lot of time before the assignment I had been given became particularly urgent.

Besides, Going to the library and sitting in that dark basement all alone was pretty relaxing. It just took a little bit to get down there. I made it to the door and did the dance of whispering the spell it took to open it while not making it so that everyone in the library could hear me. That was when I heard a the sound of feet touching the floor behind me, and I turned around suddenly to see who was there. All I saw was the shelves full of books and not a person to be seen.
That was when I heard a resounding, “Ow!” break the silent air, someone was definitely following me. I steadied my bracelet on my wrist and  walking through the shelves, looking for the person who had made the noise. I stood in the middle of all the shelves, waiting for the figure to make an appearance. For some reason he decided to make his escape right behind me, so naturally I turned around and caught him right in the act.

“Gotcha.” I said, holding out my wrist, which was already beginning to glow pink. 

The man raised his hands above his head with a look of pure fear crossing his face. “Woah, Alara what are you doing?”
Staring me in the face was Grayson Meyers, the guy whose desk was right next to mine. “Crap, Crap crap, oh god.” I ran a hand through my hair, and started pacing a little. I just just broken so many rules, I had screwed a bunch of things up, and then it got about fifty times worse.

The room began to shake, and a crack shook the air as a blast hit the building. I pushed Grayson aside and moved to look through one of the big windows where I saw that I did not have time before my assignment had become particularly urgent. Through the window I could see a woman, suspended in midair throwing balls of blue flames at the library. “Double crap, triple crap.”

“What the heck is going on?” Grayson, who had popped up behind me, looked at me eyes wide, and then at the window and then back at me. “First you, and the glowing and now this?”

“Uh-” I wracked my brain for a answer that wasn’t completely crazy, but I couldn't find one that would veen seem accurate so I sighed, “Uh that’s a witch, whose a little bit off right now, I’m assuming and I am-”

“A witch? Your a witch?”

Cue the ‘I am not a witch’ and the running into the bathroom from earlier. That’s how my day started, and how I ended up about to fight a crazed magical criminal with a guy from work, but that was definitely not how the story ended, at that point it was just beginning.


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  • Aisha Shaikh

    The beginning totally hooked me in and let me tell you, I was a latched on throughout the piece because I just needed to know more. Good work!

    over 2 years ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    Great piece and welcome to WtW! (Love your profile pic, by the way!)

    over 2 years ago