Peer Review by AminahMcBina (United States)

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Destroyed Hopes


PROMPT: Turned to Stone

I was standing in The Room. My back facing the wall, I could hear his ragged breaths approaching behind me.I was disgusted by the thought of him. All those years, all those hopes he managed to destroy in just one movement. He used to be my inspiration he used to be my everything but now...

I manage to say two words before he lunges and stabs me ..."why daddy?".

Hope you like my new piece . It would mean a lot to me if you could also give your opinion for my first story 'trials of a tight rope walker'.

Peer Review

This piece is an amazing piece, without the usually clichéd ending.

The twist at the end where the narrator says, "why daddy?"

"He used to be my inspiration, he used to be my everything..."

This piece has such a dark mood! Suspense and betrayal does this piece well!

I'm wondering why the father stabbed the narrator?

Reviewer Comments

Well done on this piece!