Jada Voigt

~Now know to the world as Akira Celeste~


February 5, 2015

PROMPT: Floating


First comes the small flashes of white darkness behind your eyes. Then that eerie feeling that makes you think someone is standing over you, watching you. Or maybe they're sitting in the corner, content with observing you from a distance. All of a sudden you lose the ability to feel your hands, your legs tingle. "What's happening?" You try to speak but nothing comes out, panic overwhelms you until it happens. You lose all feeling except this sense of falling and being pushed to the celing all at the same time. You try to move but you can't, you're paralyzed and in a strange way it feels nice. It seems to go on forever. Something happens and your finger or toe twitches, the sensation dies and you're dragged back to reality. 


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