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Your voice matters.
Cherish it.
Hone it.
Use it.
Hey, young writers! I am so glad to be back to work on Write the World for a stint! As Senior Peer Reviewer, I hope to be able to use the experience I have had in my craft to help you recognize the full potential of yours.

Thanks to the WtW Team for having me on again. Let's make this a fulfilling year!

Sunday Morning

November 4, 2018


The city centre on Sunday morning is a portrait of solitude. The grass is cut, the leaves raked; there are buildings and traffic lights and parked automobiles—there is every sign of human civilization, short of a human itself.

Early Sunday morning, I go out without a coat.

It is strange to be out, when it is light, yet the city is asleep. It is as though some great wind swept all the people away, like so many dry leaves. Or as though a great blanket were suddenly dropped over the world, hushing all sound, stilling all movement.

Yet I know the people are there. Behind those lowered blinds, those locked shutters, those shut doors, humans are breathing. They are only asleep.

“How strange it is,” I cannot help thinking, “that the middle of the capital city should be as silent as the remotest corner of the Arctic. How deeply, how soundly the people sleep.”

A vision comes to my head: “Imagine if there were a fire. Then suddenly all the people would be up again and running and shouting and crying and trying to save themselves and the ones they love. Then they would not rest.”

“But there is no fire,” says my thought.

“There is fire,” I answer fiercely. “There is fire; and there are gunshots and bombs and chemical weapons, and destruction and starvation and oppression and rape and misery and—”

“But not here,” says my thought.

“No,” I concede. “Not here.”

The wind brushes my cheek, bringing with it the soft scent of rain.

“That is why the people remain asleep.”



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  • Hanan Adi

    Thank you, Ruth! Welcome to my profile ;)

    over 2 years ago
  • Ruthh

    This is so beautiful I'm actually in awe !

    over 2 years ago