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you know that ancient egyptian embalming technique where they pull out the brain through the nose? that’s what i do with writing. if i were you, i wouldn’t lick my pencils.

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'the world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. the curves of your lips rewrite history.'

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the dark side of the moon

November 4, 2018


We danced like the planets in a quiet nightclub in a quiet town.
The music faded into nothing and I seemed to lose my definitions.
It was just me and her
a w a y 
from it all. 
I had no name, no job, no worries or fears. 
In her arms, I was invincible. 

She always called me her sun; the centre of her universe. 
I shone and she bathed in my happiness, 
hoping to soak up all the golden goodness. 
I joked and called her my moon:
the enigma, the one without a smile but instead a knowing smirk 
and an intelligent mind who could make me feel everything - 
she controlled my tides and all the ebbs and flows of my 
I was radiant. I was her sun because she made me that way. 

Pink Floyd daydreams and echoes of another generation, 
yeah, she made me live everything.
Two lost souls, but all I needed was her.
She took my hand and we danced amongst the stars we
commanded the constellations we 
weaved galaxies with our intertwined hands. 
I had no definitions, because she defined me.

I didn't need anyone but her. 
I didn't talk to anyone but her 
(we could talk about everything).
I didn't see anyone but her. 
She whispered in my ears sweet nothings and I would bend and break to her will,
contorting everything I knew to tease a smile from my moon. 
I began to lose my glow. 
Golden boy became pale. 
Aren't we all just gilded?
There's nothing inside except dust. 

Bruises sprung up on my skin and they reminded me of the night sky. 
Flames leapt from her as if she had taken everything 
and she was now the sun. 
I was cold and blackened; charred.
Visions of what once was were the only things in my mind I was
A w a y 
from it all. 

Who am I?
oooooo another twisted lovers' story from yours truly x


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  • rainandsonder

    Ughh I love your style of writing so much! It's dark, almost gothic, but beautiful, and you can just feel the emotions being expressed in it and the figurative language is perfect, and all that really shines here. The "lovers as the sun and moon" trope has been used a million times but you put your spin on it here and it works really well.

    10 months ago
  • green.eyes.gurl

    Wow. Just... wow.

    11 months ago
  • Johanna


    11 months ago