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Jacie XP

United States

Hello pedestrians! Jacie XP here just being awesome like usual!
I'm a teen girl trapped by school (which is bleh).
I'm working on a story called Return, but I'm often distracted by other projects.

Message to Readers

I'M BACK! Not really sure what this is...

They Told Her

January 20, 2016


THEY TOLD HER she would never walk.
She could never run.
She might not even ever see the stars again.
They told her she was worthless, useless, crippled.
Dead weight only sinks.
Down, down, down.
What goes up must come down.
They told her not to cry.
They told her she was going to die.
She never had a chance.
She never got to live.
They told her parents not to worry.
Her parents started saving for a casket.
They told her she was going to die.
But she new she had to try.
She wanted a chance to live.
She wanted a chance to give.
She wanted to go home.


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