Peer Review by kaydenblue (Singapore)

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By: etheryal

why is it that i have friends
     but yet sometimes i still feel

                     l  one  ly

    as though im always a little


                 or a little


Is it only me or does anyone else feel like when you’re walking in a group you somehow end up walking either too fast or two slow?

Peer Review

I think it emphasises your creativity when playing with space. Perhaps it's my background in art and interest in interior design talking, but I enjoyed your use of negative space. It really emphasised the central theme of loneliness.

With simple language and masterful structure, you've managed to cleverly convey a lot of emotion in a clean manner. This is a good testament to how immense detail does not necessarily equate to immense emotion.

Reviewer Comments

I don't typically like unconventional poetry due to a lack of substance, but this is really really good. I'm very impressed by how you managed to convey so much so simply.