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Maybe a fool

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Let us barter

Mountain girl
I like burl

River otter
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I'm no fighter
But I am a writer

Message to Readers

Eh, I'm not great at poems, not even ones that don't rhyme. Any suggestions to improve this (rhythm, rhyme, timing, etc.) would be great. Most of you are better poets than me.

Once There Were Two

November 2, 2018

According to Norse myth,
Once the world was actually two,
There was only snow and fire,
And empty space between,
Where rivers flowed to create a giant,
And a ... cow?
From the giant came the gods,
From the giant came the giants of frost,
From the giant came Odin,
Father of All,
And it was from he and his brothers,
They made the world,
And they made man,
From two logs,
Side by side,
Ash and Elm,
One was female the other male,
And it is from they we come,
From Askr and Embla,
And who's to say what the world was,
Empty and beautiful,
Lush and peaceful,
But with frost giants roaming the edges of the world,
Danger was never far,
There were animals to hunt and plants to eat,
But also animals that hunt and plants that kill,
I suspect it wasn't all that different,
But empty of trails and roads,
Of buildings and sewage,
Empty of human lights,
Free of smog,
Who's to say it was a better world after all.


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  • Kahasai

    Thank you!

    about 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Me gusta amazing!
    I need to check this website more often XD

    about 2 years ago
  • Kahasai


    about 2 years ago
  • Kitty Cheshire

    Good job! The structure is fantastic! Keep writing!!

    about 2 years ago