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Lady Lazarus Retelling

By: the_amazing_bookmark


This poem is inspired by the poem 'Lady Lazarus' by Sylvia Plath.

They say the house by the sea is haunted.
The voice of the moaning soul heard in it’s halls.
Though no one lives there, sometimes the lights flicker,
On and off and on again,
Quicker than the rolling in of the dark clouds.
The screams heard within, louder than the ocean that
Stretches, longing to comfort the cursed house, but never reaching.

They say the girl who died there,
Her death was a long time coming.
‘Lady Lazarus’ they called her.
She clung to Death with all her might,
With no avail.
The third time, Death gave in,
And held her in his arms.
For even he was sad to take
Such a jewel from the earth.

So the ocean keeps roaring,
Trying to soothe the soul of the house,
The winds try to silence the sound.
For there is nothing ever as haunting,
As humans welcome Death,
Over Life.

Message to Readers

This is for my lit class, retelling a poem in a creative way. Maybe it isn't normal to retell a poem with another poem, but it's still creative. Please review away because I want to improve my poetry writing skills.

Peer Review

This piece is beautiful! It's written so well - giving some information but also allowing the readers to fill in some of the gaps themselves. You used amazing language choices! I especially loved the introduction: it reeled me in.

I would love a poem about the girl :) but there's nothing I would improve about this poem.

Reviewer Comments

I wish I could write poetry like you!