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Amber: Prologue

November 2, 2018


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… - Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher
Avery Darilo stood under the streetlamp, her baby brother Chozyn in her arms and a backpack over her shoulder. Should she really go through with this? She was realizing that she hadn’t really thought it through too well. Finally she shook the doubt from her mind and stepped forward, leaving her neighborhood father behind with each step.
     Why was she doing this? It was a long story. Avery’s family was in the midst of financial despair, and her parents’ faces had creases etched into their foreheads, always worrying about the money to take care of the family. They’d sold the majority of their furniture and moved into a small house, but it still wasn’t enough. So Avery had made a plan.
     Her grandmother lived in Amber, Colorado, and she had told Avery that she could visit anytime. Of course, they hadn’t had Chozyn yet then. But Avery was sure that it wouldn’t affect her plan: She was going to leave her home, her city, and everything she’d ever known to go to Amber and stay with her grandmother. Her parents didn’t need another burden after what they’d been going through.
But it hadn’t always been this way. 
Chozyn is pronounced "Chosen". :)


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