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Rafael Oquendo

United States

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Time And Effort

January 20, 2016


He's not dead to me but it feels like he died. I
know he’s alive I strive to
survive at least five days of this nine to five life I don’t know how long I can try,

I never used to cry,
we never got to say goodbye.
If I’d known, I’d bargain for more time.

There’s nothing you can do when it’s someone’s time.

I’ve bent and folded but never stumbled I’ve picked my battles
and walked away without one mumble but this ball got fumbled,
crumpled like paper with no rebuttal, many problems juggled
I’m discreet like drugs being smuggled staying outta trouble and
my work ethic has doubled.

I still wonder if he’d be proud, if he could see me now.
When he left I wasn’t at my best and had so much on my chest.

I only needed a little more time,

but there’s nothing you can do when it’s someone’s time.


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