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Message to Readers

I recently went to a writing camp and we walked around downtown to find little places to spark inspiration for a writing piece. One of the places my group went to was a hall of animal heads, which is where I got the inspiration to write this. Hope you enjoy! :]

I Didn't Take a Picture

July 22, 2019


I didn't take a picture the first time I saw a bald eagle.
It was soaring in the clear blue air,
bathed in the glow of the morning light
as the determined sun rose over the towering trees.

I didn't take a picture when I I glimpsed 
the boisterous sun disappear, 
finally quieted for a moment 
by the soft moon,
the world around me relaxing
in the second of welcoming night.

I didn't take a picture of the forgotten turtle shell,
too far from the lake it called home,
and too close to the road it couldn't bear to cross,
left as a warning for those who took the same path.

And I didn't take a picture of the rhino head,
its skin, dotted with hair the prickled underhand,
frozen in time,
forever captured in taxidermy, 
its unseeing eyes heavy
with one silent, sorrowful wish,
never to be spoken. 

I didn't take a picture.
Not because I couldn't,
or because the picture wouldn't be clear.
Sometimes moments shouldn't be captured,
where they fight to not lose their meaning.
Some just need to be felt. 


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