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Freshman in NJ. Currently working on a novel.

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The Bench

February 9, 2015

"Rachel and I were in love, and in secondary school. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. Basically, it was an intense roller coaster of emotions. It started when we met in Kindergarten, but of course I had to be that jerky little annoying brat. Rachel was so sweet, coming to school almost every day with her hair up in pigtails. She and I never talked very much in primary school. It wasn't until secondary school that we became friends.

"She was an average student, all the kids knew her, but no one really knew her. I was an outcast. I hid in every social situation I was forced to go to. No one knew who I was. She talked to me every now and then; saying hi to me in the hallways, making an effort to try to be my friend even when I brushed her off. Until my brother died, people had sympathy for me because he was the smartest person in his graduating class. He only graduated a year before he died.  I remember the first time her and I really talked to each other, the day that started it all.

"I was not myself that Monday morning, that weekend was when I had found out that my parents were getting a divorce. It was also the anniversary of the death of my younger brother. I was not paying attention as to where I was going, and I accidentally walked into the bathroom, and there she stood, applying makeup, to her already beautiful skin. She looked at me and burst  out in laughter.

"I chuckled in an extremely awkward way and began to walk away when she said, "Well aren't you going to ask me out?"

"I replied in extreme confusion, "What?"

"Well, in books, a guy in this situation would say a snarky comment or ask the girl out. You don't seem like the snarky and rude type so I just figured...," she suddenly stopped mid-sentence as I looked at her in confusion.

"So pick me up a five today at my house?" I was in a complete daze so I just went with it and nodded my head.

"That night I took her out to dinner and to my favorite park. We had our first kiss with each other, and eventually fell in love.

"Two years later I took her back to that very same park & after searching for the perfect spot, we had a picnic. We sat below a beautiful tree with vivid green leaves.  After we ate our dessert, I took out the pocket knife she had gotten me for my birthday. On the old tree I wrote our initials encircled with a heart. She looked like she was about to cry. They weren't joyful tears, but sad tears. I knew why she was so upset. Tomorrow she was leaving for what Americans call "college." This  night was going to be our last night together until she would return home. We said our goodbyes to each other at the park because she wanted to drive by herself to the airport so she wouldn't be crying on the plane.

"She never made it to the airport. She had a fatal car accident and died instantly on impact.  There was something different about this year and the years that followed, all because of her. The accident changed me, made me into a better man. The bench we're currently sitting on was placed here in her memoriam," my uncle finished.

Rachel was the reason he never left Australia. He was waiting for her to return from college with a fancy degree she had always hoped for.


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