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An aspiring 16-year old poet who wants to perform from the little voice of her heart. Literature enthusiast, owner of a terrifyingly small YouTube channel. (kalakardais.com)

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Hey guys! I first started writing to join the genre of famous fan-fiction of many people, but ended up discovering poetry and spoken word! I really found my niche by just exploring, and so can you! I hope visiting this page and other writers like me and our works will inspire you to be the best writer within yourself!

Shy girl on YouTube!

November 20, 2018


SO I DECIDED TO YOUTUBE!!! i do spoken word poetry mostly, and so i made a youtube channel! if you could, please check it out (if you like poorly shot videos on home cameras and my writing, i suppose) also, if you have any suggestions of what else i could do with this channel, feel free to tell me! Link is below for the channel and one of my videos:


I realise I suck at all of this, have no experience, but your suggestions could really help imporve that!


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