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A Cinderella Story

January 19, 2016


In this romantic comedy, A Cinderella Story, starring Hilary Duff (Sam), and Chad Michael Murray (Austin), we watch as a more modern version of Cinderella, a classic fairy tale, comes alive. In an interview with Clifford Werber, the producer of the movie, he explains that “the movie, if it� is about anything more than just a fun comedy, it� is about what kids go through because of peer pressure and parental pressure.” The movie does a great job of portraying an average day in the life of a high schooler, as well as keeping it with the storyline of the fairy tale. This favorite film is cliche but ultimately was relatable and enjoyable.
Hilary Duff (Sam) is living with her mean stepmother and two stepsisters. Her stepmother makes her work as a janitor at what used to be her father’s diner and is always bossing her around. Duff later becomes involved with a cell phone mix up and begins to have a relationship with Chad Michael Murray (Austin.) They agree to meet at the school dance, but when Duff finds out her prince charming is Murray, she doesn’t know how to handle it, and runs away, leaving Murray left with mystery about who he danced with.
The characters are very relatable, especially for a teenagers with family conflict or identity curiosity. The way that both the producer and the director make the fairy tale come  to life is great, although a few of their choices seem to be cliche. For example, the producer and director do not seem to be afraid of doing things like sticking to the popular high school stereotypes, like jocks and nerds. The film’s music has an awesome soundtrack, with bands like Jimmy Eat World and Jesse Mccartney, the music is able to capture both the setting of highschool through what seems like a teenagers playlist. In the film’s climax, the music choice captures the romantic ending fantastically. The soundtrack helps to keep the audience’s emotions along for the ride with the characters.
The tone for this romantic comedy is set by being able to enter the scary, yet interesting world of a teenager’s mind; as the protagonist struggles through personal conflicts like family, friends, and boys, the viewers are able to experience the drama. Recreating the fairytale of A Cinderella Story from a high school perspective is an intriguing way to market the classic Disney story.  Ultimately, it is impossible not to compare this romantic comedy with the original fairy tale, especially when Sam leaves her phone behind instead of a glass slipper. But, overall it was an enjoyable film and I think it should be recommended for viewers of all ages. In the end, it was a fairy tale ending!


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