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Life as We Know It

January 19, 2016

    Life as We Know It follows the story of two young adults, Holly and Messer, who unexpectedly become parents to their goddaughter, Sophie. The two begin their relationship on rough grounds with a failed attempt at a blind-date. Their lives get flipped upside down as they find themselves in the midst of a tragedy as Sophie’s birth parents who happen to be their best friends, decease. Not only are they struck in awe by the death of their best friends, but they are put to the task of being parents to a young child. Sophie is played by a set of adorable triplets from the Clagett family, which I would have never known had I not done my research. Katherine Heigl (Holly) and Josh Duhamel (Messer) are a match-made-in-heaven in terms of costars. They have exceptional on-screen chemistry that makes the movie seem as if it is a reenactment of their personal lives.
    The movie captures the idea that all needed in an ideal family is love, rather the stereotypical dynamic. Although Holly and Messer seem to rapidly become parents, they never lose an ounce of the love they have for Sophie. They come into conflict between their separate social lives, jobs, and life goals but they battle it out to make sure Sophie is always surrounded by those who love her. The two struggle with copying the negative behaviors that Sophie’s birth parents had, but understand that all parents make mistakes whether they are biologically related or not. I think the theme of the movie was uplifting and charming leaving me with a smile on my face.
    The movie contained the perfect amount of musical background to keep the audience entertained. There were multiple settings which also benefited the film, as the audience was never bored. The house chosen for the main setting could not have been chosen better as it was charming and really compared to the tone of the movie.  
    On another note, it was not until after a few watches that I truly appreciated a few of the supporting cast members. The supporting roles could have made a larger statement, but it is understood that they were not the part of the movie that was supposed to leave in impact on the audience.
    Anyone who is a stickler for romantic comedies or dramas would absolutely love this movie but if you seem to lean more towards action movies you may feel the opposite. There is a vast amount of genres this movie could fall into such as, comedy, romance, and drama. The movie has the perfect amount of emotion leaving the audience on a rollercoaster that is easily enjoyable.


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