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Frankenstein Reimagined

October 31, 2018


I wanted to be God;
                                          craft Adam and Eve from my own bones
                                          draw Lilith with my blood
                                          carry Heaven and Hell in my ribs
                                          hold Eden in my hands.
                                                                                        I took knives and stitches
                                                                                         to my skin --
                                                                                        no one said God was beautiful; just terrifying

        Beyond humanity is immortality
        in the shape of thousands of wings and
        burning stars in the place of eyes.

                                                Carve away the body I was given:
                                                I am meant to be  g r e a t , not good

                                    Needed no saving: I am the apple and the snake
                                                                            and the cross on the hill.

                                                                I am sin & savior --
                                                                                    monster & maker --
                                                                                                    Doctor & creation.

                    God is not beautiful but He is loved;
                                I break the mirror and don't bleed.
                                I run with speed beyond possibility but the gunshots
                                                                                             echo behind me.

                                                                  Hubris is in all men; we never see it
                                                                                    until it's too late to be saved
                                                                                     our hearts bleeding on our tongue.

    I wanted to be God;
                                                    Lucifer, too, was beautiful once.

    I wanted to be God;
                                                                            I want to kill the monster
                                                                            so I bury myself and pray for forgiveness.


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1 Comment
  • Anha

    THIS!! IS!! INCREDIBLE!! love biblical allusions, especially when they're blasphemous :))

    over 1 year ago