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ROY G BIV | Blurring Blend

By: Doktor Habit


tw; violence(tm), dissociation? idk how else to describe a thing in here, he'll swing with his fists and he ain't gonna miss, veRDE GREN IS FUCKIN PISSED


It would've passed for a pleasant evening, had things not gone wrong.
The chatter in the household dining hall was louder than usual, so it was hard to hear anything other than you and/or the person you were talking to. This proved itself to be quite dangerous, and now they all wished they had just tried to eat in silence. Indie especially was upset with herself--she saw the beginning of it and did nothing about it.
She had heard Baioretto and Verde arguing again. Although she could hardly hear what they were arguing about, she noted it started to sound pretty bad. Eventually, Verde's tone of voice raised up to a roar, silencing the rest of the room. 
"YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO MAKE THAT CLAIM!" Verde's voice shook with anger and echoed through the room. Bairetto went to speak, but it seemed like the other wasn't done yet.
Baioretto tried to match his volume as he replied.
"NO! NO. I'M NOT GOING TO SIT HERE WHILE YOU PIN WHAT HAPPENED ON ME! NOT AGAIN!" With that, Verde shot up from his seat and began walking back towards the hallway. Baioretto's expression took on a malicious smirk.
"Alright, fine, then! Go cry to your little boyfriend!" Small gasps rose from the table. 
"ooOohh, this is gettin' good," Rojo mumbled to Oren. Oren didn't respond. Instead, he stood up and left the room. Verde had frozen where he was. Despite the warning signs, Baioretto continued.
"There he goes now--" he did an exaggerated gasp as if he'd just realized something-- "Oh, I nearly forgot! Make that former boyfriend, ahaha! Guess he split with ya cause he was getting tired of your annoying ass!"
Verde hissed quietly. "Shut up, 'Retto."
"Aww, what? Am I hurting your feelings? Do you want to know something absolutely DELICIOUS, Verde? You have no chance of trying to rekindle anything because Rojo is busy stealing him from you.
Verde suddenly tensed up, then relaxed again. He turned and calmly approached Baioretto. He offered him a patient smile, looking as if he were about to speak.
He swung and hit the other directly in the jaw. Then again, and again, and again, eventually toppling him to the ground. Verde moved quickly to follow the false king to the floor. One hand clamped around Baioretto's throat, he began striking the other in the face repeatedly. Red. Red on his hands, red on the floor. Beautiful, beautiful red. It took a few seconds for the others to process what was going on--it had happened so quickly. Rojo cursed loudly and vaulted over the table, rushing to try and pull Verde off. Baioretto was thrashing frantically, trying desperately to return a hit or get the crazed man of jade off of him. With a bit of help from Indie and Giallo, Verde was half-thrown off of the false king. He collapsed aside to the floor, rising to stand on unstable feet. Verde half-ran half-stumbled towards his room. He had done quite a number on the other man. Baioretto allowed himself to remain collapsed on the ground, bruised and bloodied from the other man finally snapping. His eyes were like a deer in headlights. He gazed upwards, at the ceiling--spiralling, spiralling lights--spinning, twisting tornadoes of blurring, blending colors. Anything the other said was just noise. Anything he saw was just color. Blinding color. Red. There was certainly a good amount of red. Verde was definitely stronger than usual--he guessed, with a fuzzy mind, that was due to rage and adrenaline. He took the hand of unconsciousness and decided to rest.

Message to Readers

if you're in a bad mood just write one of your characters getting their ass beat and it usually helps kinda
i might write somethin cute with rojo and oren soon :eyes:

Peer Review

Ah! I missed these characters! They're so fun and so real, honestly. They always feel so real, and I love that.

What's everyone else doing during this, because we're missing a character during this? Also, I'm wondering why they just let Verde beat on Baioretto; did they think he deserved it?

Reviewer Comments

I love this series, honestly. This was a review of the MyFormOfWriting Competition way back when, sorry it took me so long to review!