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ROY G BIV | Warm

By: Doktor Habit


Rojo felt himself wake up, but he didn't open his eyes just yet. Headache. All he remembered from the night before was coming home and passing out on the couch. He felt a softness around him--blankets.  Cozy. He murmured and bundled fully underneath them. A soft orange light barely filtered in through the covers from what Rojo assumed was a sunrise outside of the window. He almost allowed himself to drift off again before a dawning realization struck him; this was not his bed. Just then, something shifted beside him-- someone shifted beside him. They grumbled quietly, turning over to where they faced Rojo. He held himself very still. Forcing himself to stay quiet, he tried his best to tell who it was from where he was. Suddenly, an arm wrapped around him, causing him to jump. He started to put the pieces together, and when he realized where he was, he found himself frozen again.
He was in Oren's room.
Rojo's breath hitched, and it suddenly felt burning hot underneath the covers. His mind started shooting off scenarios. Was this some kind of sleepover? No, that'd be ridiculous. Was he invited in? Did they--?! No, surely not--he woke up with his clothes on, after all.
His mind began to settle over time. He started to feel safe again. Since Oren was a heavy sleeper, he huddled closer to the orange man without waking him up. Careful not to disturb him, Rojo wrapped an arm around the other. He sighed contently and allowed himself to drift off again.
"C'mon. You still there, man?"
Rojo's eyes shot open. He had forgotten where he was. He woke up in the same position he fell asleep in, save for being a little closer. He stumbled over words before managing to belt something out.
"Hey, woah! Calm down, man." Oren moved his arm from Rojo, allowing him to scramble backward and sit up. He took a minute to compose himself.
"Hey, so-- how the fuck did I get here?!" It was less of a question and more of a demand for answers (though I guess that's the same thing as a question).
"You were passed out on the couch, and I felt bad, soo..I..brought you to my room," replied Oren.
"And not to mine?!"
"Rojo. Your room was locked."
There was a long awkward silence. Rojo cleared his throat and muttered something to himself. Oren laid back down and stared up at the ceiling. The other man stayed sitting up. He was thinking about something. The orange fellow noted how unusually quiet his friend had gone. Rojo had NEVER been a quiet type. His voice took on a concerned tone. 
"Rojo," he began, "are you alright?--"
"What we were doing...just a second ago. Can that again?" Rojo cast his gaze aside as he asked, talking quietly. A warm smile slowly formed on Oren's face. He may not have known how the other felt before, but he was fairly sure he did now. 
"Of course we can, Rojo."  Oren allowed the other to huddle close to him. The scarlet fellow gently laid his head on the other man's chest and put an arm around him. Oren chuckled softly
"You going back to sleep?" Oren kept his voice low. Rojo nodded. The orange man put an arm around him, half-spooning him and bringing him a little closer.
As he fell asleep to the rise and fall of Oren's chest, a small smile could be seen on Rojo's face.

Message to Readers

much like rojo, im tired and gay

Peer Review

This is so incredibly sweet and cute and I love it to pieces. Again, the characters are just so realistic and so distinct, I found myself thinking, "That's *exactly* what he would do." and that's just a credit to how well you write these characters. <3

I'm just curious as to how this is going to progress, haha. They're so cute together. Although, are they brothers or not? That part still confuses me a little.

Reviewer Comments

This piece so, so cute; it's the kind of piece I would read if I just wanted to smile. I ship Rojo and Oren so much. <3 This was a review of the MyFormOfWriting Competition way back when, sorry it took me so long to review!