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Ethan Niebergall

United States


January 20, 2016

December is the month of new beginnings, it's quite cliché actually. It's the month of miracles, but mostly because of Christmas miracles. What exactly is December? December is a time to make amends and tie loose ends; a month of lights. December is the 12th month of the year, this month is the last month to get ready for the new year. As for adults, it's tax season, well of course that means nothing to me at the moment since I'm not an adult. Once December hits, you know that winter is finally here. Each and every day of this wonderful season, it tends to get colder and colder, and we may even experienced our first snow of the winter season. Of course we all hope for a white Christmas, but it's scarce that we actually do get snow on Christmas Day. December is the time for family to come together. This whole month is revolved around the love of family and the warm of our hearts to keep out the harsh winter days. December is always the craziest month; everyone rushes to get all of their shopping done and for Collegium it is our performance season. For the next four years I will be with my very best friends singing for all to hear in this month, and of course don't forget the annual Mad Dinner. Christmas is also a time for faith, where we celebrate the birth of Christ. This month is full of magic, bliss, and family. The presents are good for a while, but in the end be happy with what you have, some may be less fortunate than you are. In the end, without this month there probably still would be another replacing it's absence, but it wouldn't have the same meaning as December does to me. As for every month you have something new in store and also something that connects to it, although we may not realize it. Now I pose this question on you, what does December mean to you?


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