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My slam poem


October 30, 2018


Have you no shame?!
Head Up! Shoulders back!
Don’t give me any excuses soldier!
If you have any hope of completing this mission then you need to focus.

Take off that pitiful blindfold and look at your surroundings!
Do you see what I see?
You’re still trapped in this polluted toxic mountain valley.
Sirens echo throughout this rotting ruin of a city.
Look at the sidewalk you’re blindly walking on. Merciless addiction, needles, and pipes are scattered everywhere.
You will walk by that every morning if you don’t find a way out of here!

Labor from dawn until dusk!
That is your priority soldier!
Were you hoping to get out of here by riding out on a broom of hopes and daydreams?
That is naive soldier!
You’re better than that.

Tighten your armor now!
Pull steal over your heart and don’t you dare remove it!
I don’t care what you feel or what cries you hear!
You can’t save everybody.
If they want to stay and rot here then let them.
They’re not your problem anymore.

This place is bleak, bitter and hopeless.
If you hesitate for even a second you will be reduced into ash and dust just like the rest of the broken souls drowning in this salty sinful lake.

Forget the past Soldier!
Wipe the dirt off your hands and move on!
You can’t change the sins you’ve committed.
Innocence will get you nowhere anyway.
Use your regret as a tool soldier.
Mold it into a gun, an axe a hammer…
Use those tools to kill the past and build a new future.

The crimson promises you’ve been made are nothing but white lies.
You can only rely on yourself..

You do not have to stay trapped here soldier. The escape from this city is not beyond your reach.
Just keep marching soldier.
You’ll get out of here.


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1 Comment
  • Kahasai

    This goes deeper than it seems at first glance.

    about 2 years ago