I drink way too much tea (with three sugars might I add), I like hugs a lot & thesaurus.com happens to be my best friend. It almost seems like the older I get, the more introverted I get.

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kinda turned sixteen some time back... wild times indeed

to turn sixteen

November 1, 2018


I don't want to grow up.
To go into the world where fits of laughter,
are childish habits that simply needed to be tamed.

I don't want to grow up.
To grow into the adult that stops smiling
especially when eye-contact with a stranger is made.

I don't want to grow up.
To see the sky and field in grey
knowing my mind is who has been betrayed.

I don't want to grow up. 
To turn sixteen 
and be the one they called the afraid.



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  • Onion3102

    Thank you for the feedback @jengelman! will definitely try to incorporate some of that feedback into future poetry

    about 1 year ago
  • jengelman

    its good but like i feel like poetry is more about self expression over strucuture, which for me it makes it less effective. idk when u keep in the binaries of poetry, i feel like u cant produce the best work as it is really restrictive

    about 1 year ago