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"Words in my humble opinion, are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have."
~Albus Dumbledore

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
― Louis L'Amour

Message from Writer

I am 7th grade girl who loves to write! I have a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who’s really sweet, family and friends that I love. I’m a feminist and support LGBTQ+ rights. I am OBSESSED with The Office. I love Write the World and am so happy to be a part of the young writers community! Keep on writing!

Origin Story

October 28, 2018

One hot afternoon, a long, long time ago, a tortoise and a capybara were drinking at a stream. The stream was the only place on the island with good, cold water to bathe and drink from, so lots of animals went there. Before long, a sloth and her baby slowly emerged from out of the forest. The palm trees in the forest were inhabited with exotic wildlife. The birds were singing and the sky was blue. It was a beautiful day on the island.
The capybara and the tortoise drank the cool water in silence, while the sloths ate leaves from the delicious saplings that flourished along the stream. The tortoise was thinking about how he wanted to get across the stream. There were lots of prickly pear plants there and those were his favorite. But there was a problem. A stream cut through the center of the island, and to get to the other side you had to either swim or fly. The tortoise couldn’t swim, so he couldn't get to the other side. Neither could the sloth and her baby. Everyday while the tortoise was slurping up water, the capybara would tease him by zipping over to the other side and landing on the prickly pear plant.
“Here tortoise! This is for you!” the capybara would ridicule. He would pluck a juicy prickly pear off the stem and dash halfway across the stream, only to drop it into the water.
“Oops!” the capybara would chirp. The tortoise sighed. He really wanted a prickly pear.
One day, the sloth was full of the capybara harassing the poor tortoise. The tortoise hadn’t done anything wrong. In fact, he was quite a nice animal. He was kind and gentle, and sometimes he would even play with the baby sloth. He didn’t deserve to be teased.
“That’s enough, capybara! Stop taunting tortoise!” the sloth called to the rascal.
The capybara was not used to being scolded, and he definitely did not like it. He frowned and replied, “Too bad! It’s hilarious to watch the tortoise yearn to cross the stream!”
“You are the most disgusting, terrible, and ugly  creature I have ever met!” All of a sudden, the capybara dashed across the stream and snatched up the baby sloth before the sloth had time to realize what was happening.
“My baby!” cried the upset mama sloth. The poor baby sloth whimpered as the capybara dropped him on the other side of the stream.
“Now you’ll never see your baby again!” the capybara cackled as he dashed into the forest. The sloth wailed as her child weeped on the opposite side of the stream. What would she do!? The tortoise tried to comfort her, but he believed that she would never see her child ever again. After all, it was because of him that she had lost her baby; her pride and joy. After a few minutes of mourning, the tortoise started thinking.
“If only you could swim,” he sighed, looking down at the ground. Of course, he had no idea how crucial these five words were. Across the stream, the baby sloth had fallen asleep, snoring softly under a tree.
“I guess that is what I will have to do,” the sloth sniffed. She quickly calmed herself and crawled as fast as she could to the edge of the stream. With the determination of a loving mother, she took a deep breath and climbed into the stream. At first she just flailed in the water, but then she suddenly gained control when her baby woke up and cried out. The capybara was back. He laughed wildly as he leapt out of the forest, for he didn’t see the sloth crossing the stream. Newly motivated, the sloth moved her arms with power and dashed across the stream as fast as she could go. The tortoise weeped from the other side of the stream. She got to the other side just as the capybara saw her. He screeched as the sloth snatched up her baby and swam back across. The capybara wailed in defeat and retreated back into the forest. He knew that it was a lost cause, for no one can challenge the power of a caring and powerful mother. The tortoise cheered wildly as the the sloth, with her baby on her back, crawled onto the shore. From then on, the sloth lead happy lives teaching all other sloths how to swim. Eventually, the entire species evolved into excellent swimmers.  And that just shows that a lot can come from one mother who would not stop until she saved her baby.


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