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"No matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there's something stronger- something better, pushing right back." -Albert Camus

Once the World Was New

October 29, 2018

Once the world was new.
It was teeming with the
chirping melodies of soaring birds,
the sun warmly sweeping over
the bright land where plants
broke free of their soily oppressors
and generously provided food and shelter
for those who needed it
once when the world was new.

Groups of Good Feelings
strolled about the earth
spreading their gifts to all,
filling the skies with rainbows
and the ground with good neighbors
so the trail they traveled upon 
would grow bigger and better
than all the rest because they grew
as a community 
once when the world was new.

Then one fateful eve
as the Good Feelings were traveling home
Pure Darkness spewed from the ground like
a volcano, destroying every good thing
in its path, until only rubble remained.
The Good Feelings barely escaped,
and being so caught up in fleeing, 
the Good Feelings failed to see
the blackened rubble shake and
take form of a Good Feeling
if Good Feelings were drenched in shadows
and smelt like the sadness and pain
of thousands of souls.
The world thought at first
that these were Good Feelings too
and welcomed them with open arms,
arms that were violently closed 
to everyone
as the Shadows walked by them.
The Shadows caused so much
destruction that the Good Feelings 
were afraid, and they remained
hiding, only caught in glimpses
and never enough to fix anything.
Communities were broken and
the only thing they could do 
was think back to the wonderful time
when the world was new.


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  • *UnKnOwN*

    So beautiful that it brought tears in my eyes! Keep writing! ;)

    over 1 year ago